Saturday, July 31, 2010

Side Wheeler

The Lindberg 1/128 Mississippi Side Wheel Steamer converted to 1/72nd scale. Here is a close up of the upper works. I put a sheet of Evergreen plastic styrene to simulate a wooden deck. I drilled holes in the deck and inserted some plastic rod from an old Matchbox Flower Class Corvette. The plastic rod is for the railings on the corvette.

Essentially this is the port side of the completed model. It still has to be primed and then painted. Note the addition of doors, boat hooks, life rings, and guns.

Guns are from Britannia Miniatures in white metal. They include two 20mm AA guns and one 37mm AA gun at the stern.

I left a lot of open deck space to evacuate refugees, stranded and bypassed soldiers and cargoes. Since this is a wargame ship, I wanted to include some play value for the model.

I added a boom crane for the bow and the Nazi eagle is from an old Matchbox armor kit, it was on the wall of a building. Squares on the walls represented blanked off windows. Life ring from Matchbox Flower Class Corvette. Anchor from the spares box.


Bob G. said...

Damn, she is looking GOOD!

She might even give Humphrey Bogart and the African Queen a real run for her money!

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks G!