Sunday, June 30, 2024


Eagle Games Sid Meier's Civilization Miniatures.
You get a bit of a walk through history with this set.
These are beige, a light tan.
Figures are sort of ancient Roman, Conquistadors, and World War Two or Modern.
I like the little ships a lot.
They were serve with my 1/2400 scale navies, but this are likely more like 1/1200.
Shown here with an Airfix Civilian figure for size.
The ships will also end up as displays in museums, military naval offices, and similar venues.

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Eagle Games Yellow

Eagle Games 1/72nd scale figure with Airfix WWII British Infantry figure.
Added an Airfix WWI American.
HaT Colonial British Infantry.
Size matches very well I think with the Hat.
The Eagle Games figures would make up a good mass army.
The cannons are the same in all the Eagle Games sets, essentially an American 12 pounder as used in the American Civil War.  I have converted them to many things, often into limbers or caissons for other guns.
The little ship is very much like BB-3 Oregon class US pre-Dreadnought battleship.

Friday, June 28, 2024

Age of Imperialism

Eagle Games Age of Imperialism Colonial Troops.
In yellow plastic.  They have made a number of colors over the years but the color selection seems to be diminishing.
The cannons and the wheels are worth the price of the set.
The troops only have a few poses but a standing rifleman is a very important pose.  The other two standing figures have a walking stick and the other seems to have a heliograph.
The cavalry have two different poses, one with carbine and one with sabre.
Standing riflemen with two different Airfix figures for scale.  These figures are a bit thin but make up a good mass of troops.
I use the ships with my 1/2400 scale fleets and also as "ship models" for offices and museums.

Thursday, June 27, 2024

M47 vs M48 Poly Tanks

This is another of the T. Cohn tanks like the one from yesterday.
This one has the cupola on it but being 50 years old they are often missing.
These are M48 tanks and are reasonable models of that tank.
It's a great toy for a kid.
M48 was used all over the free world.
This tank is the same hull as the M48 but has an M47 hull. 
In real life the M47 had a different hull from the M48 but as a toy, close enough.
This turret is not very realistic but it is almost identical to the ones made on the first Roco and Aurora M47 tank models.
Overhead view, not unusual the gun is bent a bit.
Front side view ploy M47.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Poly Tanks

T. Cohn made plastic army vehicles in the 1960s in about 1/72nd scale.
Airfix made very similar vehicles, also in polyethylene plastic.
I don't intentionally buy them but I have managed to gather a few of them over the years.
They are durable and good kids toys.
Being soft plastic they hold up well to hard play.
They have nice wheels on the bottom and roll well.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Horses In Brown and Black

Eagle Games made board games with 1/72nd scale plastic figures as the game pieces.
Eventually they discontinued the practice but in the meantime they released the various figures to buy separately. 
Their horses are very durable, stand up well and are one piece.  I never understood why Airfix needed two piece horses with a separate base.  Those were maddening for a kid to try and get to stay together and not much better for an old guy.
The only drawback to Eagle Games horses was they only had one pose of horse.
The horses have a saddle and European style tack and gear.
They fit Airfix riders very well and I have also cut off the saddles and used them as draft horses.  They came in brown, black, and gray with 48 identical horses of all the same color and pose in the box.  This figure is the "Arab" from one of the Eagle Games figure sets.

Monday, June 24, 2024

Landing Craft and Loads

LCVP by Pegasus with HO scale 2 1/2 ton truck, too big for the LCVP, I think.
LCVP by Airfix with HO scale 2 1/2 ton truck, too big for the LCPV, I think.
LCVP by Airfix with HO scale Jeep, looks good!
LCVP by Pegasus with HO scale Jeep, looks good!
Airfix poly LCM with a Heiser Models Sherman tank in HO scale.  Looks good.
Same / Same in green, looks good too.