Friday, August 31, 2018

Guns and Missile

I just got this recast Ideal cannon.

It looks like a 155mm US Army howitzer.

But mounted on a fixed mount rather than on a field mount or vehicle.

It works well with my 60mm army.

Tomorrow, this guy returns!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Anti-Missile Missile

MPC troops loading missiles onto the launchers.

I have been told the missiles are recasts of Ideal Toys originals.

The missiles are supposed to be MPC recasts.

I think the launcher is supposed to represent a Nike anti-missile missile.

It's a great size, I plan to use them for both 60mm adventures and for 1/72nd scale.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Trucks and Guns

In 1898, twenty years ago, on this same spot, the Martians attack a human artillery battery.

But now in 1918 the guns are drawn by faster motor trucks rather than traction engines.

This time the guns can be withdrawn at the last minute if necessary.

But this army fought in the 1st Martian War and the Great War.

But will they be good enough to fend of the Martians if the diseases don't get them?

Keep Firing

The cannons are firing but the three legged war machines keep coming.

The tractors keep steam up ready to withdraw.

The war machines are closer.

Too close now, they would never have enough time to limber up and escape.

Fire one last volley!

Then wait for the inevitable heat ray!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Man the Guns

The Martians have landed and they are attacking!

Move the artillery into place and man the guns.

Open fire!

They are still advancing.

We may need to withdraw.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Trevor Goes To War

Here is Trevor towing the caisson.  These kinds of set ups can work for the late colonial period, World War One and well up to near the beginning of World War Two.

Trevor towing the caisson and a 12 pounder.

Trevor towing a 4.2 inch howitzer.

Trevor got drafted in World War One and sadly was hit by counter battery fire in the Argonne. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018


So I want to use Trevor as an artillery towing tractor but what artillery to use?  I am starting with the 12 pound Napoleon from Eagle Games.  It's from their ACW sets and I think several others.

Take off the wheels and set them aside for now.

Cut off the gun and put it in the spares box.  Put the wheels back on.

Now you have a caisson for the gun.

The caisson is to take the weight of the gun carriage off the tongue of the towing vehicle.

I anticipate that I will build a small ammo box at a later time for the caisson, but not today.

Trevor and the Caisson, a new Thomas the Tank Engine story.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Operation Trevor

First thing that had to go was the face.  The front plate is rather soft plastic and using a sharp knife I cut away a fair portion of the details.  Then using a course sanding stick the other details went away.  Finally, I used a fine sanding stick to smooth out the surface.  My long term intention is to make a plate for the boiler opening and glue it on, but not today.

I also needed a crew.  Raise you hand if you want to be the crew.  Okay, you there, HaT / Airfix World War One American soldier, you are it.  A useless pose re-purposed from a wounded guy into a steam engine driver.  We can make him better, faster, stronger than he was....

Test fit, needs some trimming.

Test fit after trimming, works perfectly.  Cut off the rifle, then cut the base down and bent him at the ankles so he stood up almost straight.

Eagle Games generic colonial guy in 1/72nd scale he makes a great size comparison.

Friday, August 24, 2018


I went to the ToysRUS bankruptcy sale and picked up a few Fisher Price Trevor the Metal Engine toys from the Tomas the Tank Engine series.

I never watched and don't care about it.

And I think the little faces are stupid.

But this type of steam tractor is very interesting.

Vehicles of this type date to the late 1800s and were in common use until well after World War One.

Many of them served in various militaries as towing vehicles, sometimes for wagons, or heavy artillery, or even armored wagons!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Robots and War of the Worlds

I liked these Wicked Duals Robot figures so well, I have ordered four sets and intend to get one more.

This figure has three legs, and reminds me of a war machine from War of the Worlds. 

The little spindly arms reminds me of the materials handling machines from War of the Worlds, and that's what I am using these as, handling machines.

My plan is to get nine of these so each of my three Martian landing places will have three handling machines.

The tenth one will be the "command" version.

Great toys, right out of the box they are ready for use, they come two per package one in rust brown and one in light gray.