Monday, July 12, 2010

Mini Crawler Sub

While most people don't realize it now, in the world of satellite communication, at one time the only way for long distance telephone and telegraph communications could be made from Europe to the UK or USA was by undersea cable.

This little sub was designed to crawl the sea floor and cut those cable to deny the USA and UK the ability to communicate with Europe in WWII. As you can see the kit fits together very roughly. I used both CA glue and epoxy to hold it together. Even the surface of the parts was very rough. The bits were also almost paper thin, not good for resin.

There were to propeller blades in resin that came with the kit. One was broken when I opened the box and the other was destroyed just taking it off the sprue. I replaced them both with small Roco props from a modern German armored car, I don't have the armored car and I am not sure how the props made it into my spares box, but I am glad they did. I also had to contruct this other bit from a piece of plastic coated Plastruct wire.

You can see the engine pods were very rough and misaligned when cast. This kit was only few inches long but it made those SdKfz 222 armored cars I recently made look like a masterpiece in resin.

You can see the experation on the face of this 1/72nd scale Revell Kriegsmarine sailor as he works on the engine pods.

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