Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Painting Trucks

My Brockway CMSC pontoon bridge cranes and Roco cranes being painted. I always use spray and air brush paints outside, in daylight. I do most of my painting in the summer when the humidity is low.

Generally, I don't prime plastic models that are being painted a color similar to the plastic color.

In this case the CMSC are resin and white metal so I when ahead and primed the Roco too. I figured it would give a more uniform color to the three vehicles.

The three trucks with the basic OD green overall.

The trucks are sitting on a bit of cardboard. I like to use a clean surface that is disposable when I paint. That way I don't have to do much clean up.


Bob G. said...

What shade of OD are you using here?
I have a much darker OD (Tamiya) that works well if what you're painting looks like it rolled right off the assembly line.

And do you "weather" the vehicles with Humbrol paints?
I used those on railroad cars ages ago, and it looked good.
I like to "dry brush" whenever possible, too.

Bunkermeister said...

That is Testor Model Master 1911 Olive Drab right out of the spray can.

Some of my WWII American collection is factory fresh and some is weathered.

I don't own a single Humbrol paint tin, they are good paints, I just don't use them.