Monday, July 26, 2010


CMSC did many models in 1/87th scale. This is their MLRS. You can see a completed one in the background. The missile box is in front of the launcher platform.

These resin / white metal kits were highly detailed. I got it at least ten years ago.

This shows the underside of the resin cab.

As you can see from the photos, there are lots of tiny little parts on this model, most in white metal.

The resin is some of the best I ever saw, you can see how thin this part is, like paper. Resin kits are generally not too hard. They cut and saw much like soft wood. They glue well with the same glues you use on white metal, super glues and epoxy being the best in my opinion. I also use some rubber glues, like Goo when I need something that is very sticky.


Bob G. said...


can you use those glues "raw", or do you need a priming agent for better adhesion?

And do they hold us well over time?

Bunkermeister said...

CA type glues sometimes become brittle over time. I find this is usually if they are used in large amounts. One reason I like the epoxy, it lasts a long time.

The Goo seems to last forever.

If one part is very smooth a little touch with a fine sandpaper is helpful for the glues to gain a surface to stick too.

No priming agent is needed for metal or resin.

Karcuss said...

Find that Super Glue last forever as in adhesion when you have a complete seal as in two bits of metal. If there is and air bubble in two bit it ends up as you say over time becoming brittle and that is the end of it. Suppose if you glued in a vacuum with Super Glue. But as per Plastic want it permanent as at least in Plastic it Melt like weld.

Might give Epoxy a go on some more of resin bits Anyhow


Bunkermeister said...

Using a fresh quality super glue is a good idea too.