Sunday, August 1, 2010

Almost Done

The work on the side wheel steamer continues. I made the roof on the wheelhouse removeable so that there is more play value.

20mm cannons from Britianna Miniatures, one on each side, for light AA defense.

The rear 37mm gun in it's tube for medium AA defense and small boat destruction. Gotta get them while they are a ways away, the gun does not bear close in.

From the stern looking forward on the starboard side. Canvas cover for the 37mm gun is visible on the wall of the deck house and a bit farther along the one for the 20mm AA gun can be seen too. Stairs and railings are all new.

Stern to bow view on the port side. Clearly visible is the ammo box, ready ammo on the deck near the port side paddles. Along the wall you can see the canvas to cover the gun, folded up while the gun is in action. Deck and side railings are all new. Deck house has been changed around too.

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