Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tank Museum

I looked it up in my Hunnicutt Stuart A History of the American Light Tank book and the closest thing I could find to this tank is the Combat Car M2. The US Cavalry had Combat Cars in the 1930s because Congress forbade them to have tanks; tanks were for Infantry support. The suspension is not correct, however, the US was experimenting with various types of suspensions at that time, and I suspect this is one of those experiments. This tank was used in the Bob Home movie, "Caught in the Draft." If anyone has any further data on this tank, post it in the comments.

Another view of the TOW carrying M151 Jeep.

A nice looking WWII US Army light truck.

A nice M60A1, one of my favorite tanks.

A late production M48 series tank. Note the tank shell on the fender and how large the cupola is on top of the turret.
This is the last of the tank museum photos. As you can see, I could have easily spent a couple days there and taken a few thousand photos. They had great vehicles, most look like they run, and since they rent tanks for movies, I suspect some of them do run!


Bob G. said...

Make some nice SWAT vehicles...LOL.

Bunkermeister said...

Yes, they would. The US Army was giving away M60 tanks to anyone who would come and pick them up, if you were a government agency or museum. What a deal.