Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Betan and Marx

A Betan figure with bazooka marching along.
I think the other companies figures being added really liven up the scene.
In real parades troops often carry the weapons they would normally use.
The Betan figures have bazooka, radio, and flags.
Also rifle and parachutist.
Under the watchful eye of the Marx 60mm Military Police officer.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Marching and Flags

Churchill on the left and Patton on the right.
The Rosie the Riveter figure looks really small compared to 70mm Air Force Tim Mee figures!
One ring hand guy from MPC not really an officer as such be he has binoculars so there you go.
Marching in straight lines.
I did not know the US Army flag with blue background existed until recently, much nicer flag I think.
But note the script is reversed on the white one but not the blue one; I think the white one is correct.

Monday, May 29, 2023

More Parade Testing

The front row is Marx 54mm troops and the next couple rows are Marx 60mm.  The 54mm troops are out of step with the others, and are wearing backpacks.
Marx and Tim Mee troops.  Reviewing stand in the background.
In color with a similar view.
I like how the flags turned out but the white US Army flag is backwards to the blue US Army flag.  Not sure how that happened and not sure which is right.  More research needed.
Did not notice that the white plastic figures are invisible from a distance on a white background, and most of them are vertical in the center of the reviewing stand.  Opps.
The white figures show up a little better when you get close but not that well.
I gathered one or more of the officer figures from most of my 60mm and 54mm sets.
President Truman, Marx figure.  I like the Marx presidents they work for all sorts of civilian people, ambassadors, kings, princes, CIA, lots of stuff.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Parade Test

Working on some upgrades to the parade by adding more background buildings.
Also looking at adjusting the color.
They look really good in black and white.
The look like Munchkin Land in Technicolor in a color photo.
In real life the Effiel Tower is not close to the Arc de Triuomphe.
Testing the height of the model.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Bulidings Roads and Sky

Tim Mee 60mm marching troops, some of these I have always had in my collection, continuously for over 60 years.
The Arc de Triomphe is a resin coffee table.
I got it about ten years ago from some company called Design Toscano, they sell home decor.
It's really big and all one piece as near as I can tell.
It's about two inches too short to be HO 1/87 scale high.
But toy soldiers often compress scales, and I think it looks okay with 60mm troops.
Of course, it looks awesome with Minitanks scale troops and vehicles.
The roadway is vinyl Christmas village roadways.
Sold at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores at Christmas time.

 Here is the full set up, the background is paper sky, also sold at craft stores in rolls.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Marching 60mm

US Army troops marching in Paris.
Straight lines of troops.
Carrying the US and US Army flags.  The US Army flag is usually white but the Field Version has a blue background.
The flags are just printed out on the computer with a little plastic coated wire for the flagpole.
The Arc de Trioumphe is a large resin piece. The figures are Tim Mee 60mm, some may be as much as 60 or more years old.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Van Repairs

My collection has a lot of old, used, maybe even used up, Roco and other vehicles.  This van is one of those.
It is missing the landing gear, one rear door.
So rummaging thought the spares I found a set of landing gear for it and installed that along with a spare tire.
But not before I got a front set of wheels and installed those. 
The little pin on the bottom of the trailer is usually welded onto the dolly by putting the pin into the dolly and melting the end of the pin with a hot screwdriver.  That was accomplished.
This second trailer had a hole cut into the roof by a previous owner and a clear plastic dome installed.  It was also missing the little foot on the front part of the towing gear.
I made a new foot out of plastic rod, melting the end like I did with the previous pin.
I also had to make a new undercarriage for the rear axle.  The locating circles for the metal axle were broken off and so a bit of square tubing glued in place fixed that problem.  This one also got a new knob on the rear door.

 The van with the dome still needs more work, the area around the dome does not look right, the roof of the van is very thick and does not fit well with the dome.  I like the dome, maybe use it as an observation station for missile testing or radar observation. This one did get a replacement rear door from the spares box.