Friday, July 2, 2010

Tim Mee Trucks

Today I present a bit of a rarity, in several ways. This is a photo from the collection of Master Modeller and Toy Soldier Collector, Victor Morris. It is a Tim Mee 60 mm cannon and cab over truck.

Vic not only has a large collection of 60mm items, he has a very fine collection. The vehicles and figures are all brand new right out of the box, even though they are all forty or fifty years old. This rare Tim Mee cab over truck comes with the cannon that you see here. The cannon has a gun that moves up and down. The original Tim Mee cannon barrels did not move and this was a huge improvement at the time.

Tim Mee also made a huge Jeep with this very nice, but over sized gun. Vic has taken the Tim Mee regular two and a half ton truck and added the gun. Nice conversion, Vic!

Simply cut the base out of the Jeep so that the floor panel fits the rear end of the truck. Instant gun truck. These trucks are often still around but many times they are missing the tent canvas on the rear. This is a great way to make up for that lost part. Thanks Vic for a great look at your wonderful collection!


Bob G. said...

I used to have the TIM-MEE jeep ages ago, but I NEVer saw these before (especially the cabover)
Mr. Morris must have a fantastic collection on his hands.
(makes me wanna be a kid all over again)

Good stuff!

Snickering Corpses said...

I'm pretty sure I must have had the Tim Mee jeep as well, because I remember that gun mount. I think I vaguely remember the jeep, but the gun mount sticks out more in my mind.

Bunkermeister said...

I had one of the cab overs. They sometimes go for as much as $50 on eBay now, and with the gun and in excellent condition like this one is, who knows? Vic Morris has a great collection of vehicles in excellent condition.

Bunkermeister said...

That was about the fifth version of the Tim Mee Jeep and came along pretty late in the game. The earlier Jeeps were much smaller and varied only in details from each other. The one with the gun was totally different.

Mannie Gentile said...

I'd like to see a lot more of his collection.

Mike Creek said...

Thank you for reading Mannie, I have seen your websites and it's an honor to have you here. Vic does have a great collection in both 60mm and HO scale too.