Thursday, July 8, 2010

PT Upgrade

Despite being 40 years old, the Revell PT-109 in 1/72nd scale is a good kit.

I made this one into the late war version. Here in front is a 37mm AA gun, ammo locker to the left and a 20mm gun to the right. Torpedo tubes were removed and ariel torpedoes were used instead. Usually they only carried two torpedoes, there were few Japanese targets worthy of a torpedo that the PTs would have to confront. I used a couple of fuel tanks with a little modification as the ariel torpedoes.

I got a couple books on PT boats and it seems they used all kinds of guns mid to late war. They went from fleet units to sink large Japanese ships to barge busting, often at night.

It's a bit fuzzy, but that's a 40mm Bofors gun on the back. It's a metal kit from HR Models in 1/72nd scale.

I added a few depth charges to the boat as well. Japanese submarines often tried to sneak in and resupply isolated garrisons.


Bob G. said...

Bunkermeister: are wise, and can ALSO read minds, I see...LOL.

Didn't know the actual NAME for those topedoes...well done!
The PTs had a problem with weight and barnacle build-up on the hulls.
Musta been a RPIA to scrape those off.

Plus the torpedo tubes used a "charge" to fire the device (early on), and that usually gave away their position.

Nice to see a BOFORS where the old Orlikon gun used to be on the fantail, too.

Good weapon when you need an "edge".

Have a great weekend.

Karcuss said...

most kits are 40 years old.

Airfix, Matchbox by Revell Itlaer doing the old Esci range and re releases. talking about (SAS jeeps
and Chevs in sd.Kfz 222 thread)

and with a bit of brasstic and resin no problems.
And a good paint job ala
Who cares rubbish is rubbish and a good kit is still

It is a good looking kit and will go well with your expanding Navy

Where is your captured German one??

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

Bob G. I don't read minds, it's just good intel.

Bunkermeister said...

Hey Karcuss, if you have any photos of US PT boats in German service, I would be happy to build one!

Karcuss said...

no but would be a nice!!

They didn't operate in the channel as otherwise they would have been in the Kriegsmarine.
As both sides were capturing each other inshore Navy. Engine failures and damage and such to RN and Kreigsmarine forcing them into the other ports


Bunkermeister said...

The KM did operate Flower Class Corvettes. I plan on doing one of those some day.