Thursday, July 29, 2010

Side Wheel Steamer

I have been working more on my Lindberg side wheel steamer. It is 1/128th scale according to the Squadron Catalog. I blocked in the lower deck area and added new, much larger doors.

The original smoke stacks are very tall and side by side. I cut them down substantially and moved them to a front to rear configuration. I also moved them back a bit.

The starboard side looking bow to stern. Blocked in lower deck and two new sets of doors.

A Revell WWII German sailor helps with the construction. Altering the scale of the boat from 1/128 scale up to 1/72nd scale is a difficult project.

I got this 37mm gun from Britannia Miniatures. Then using styrene from Evergreen I made a nice gun tub for it. This gun will be mounted on the stern of the upper deck to protect against Soviet air attack.


Bob G. said...

I didn't know your scale change was THAT severe...that IS a challenge.

Hope no one bumps their heads on the

Looking good.

Bunkermeister said...

I am trying to assign mostly 1/76th scale sailors...