Sunday, December 15, 2019

BT7 Tanks in the Soviet Union

It's the summer of 1941.

Comrade Stalin himself called us out for service.

A whole battalion of tanks, but no one knows why.

Maybe a large propaganda movie, but why did they issue us ammunition?

Could it be the Germans are planning to attack?

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Panzer III Line Up

I am trying to primer paint all of my collection that is not yet painted.  This has been a multi-year project that started in 2016, but of course the move to Kentucky from California has caused serious interruption and delay.  The Roco Panzer III has been converted into an armored recovery vehicle.

A second armored recovery vehicle based on the Panzer III.

Panzer III as an artillery towing vehicle.  Turret hole plated over with a canvas, and towing pintle on the rear.

Panzer III flamethrower.  New larger barrel made out of aluminum tubing.  Very easy conversion.

Panzer III with rubble clearing plow.

Another Panzer III flamethrower.  I have enough spare turrets to return the flamethrowers back into regular gun tanks if the need arises.  They will be painted to match this hull.

Another recovery version of the Panzer III.

The whole line up before the primer painting.
While the Roco Panzer III is an old kit, it has a lot of potential.  I have a few more in the wings also waiting for painting.

Friday, December 13, 2019

GI Joe Action Soldier with M16 Rifle

GI Joe Action Soldier with M16 rifle.

GI Joe Action Soldier with binoculars.

 GI Joe Action Soldier with backpack.

 GI Joe Action Soldier with stand.

GI Joe Action Soldier with beret.

 GI Joe Action Soldier with authentic uniform.

 GI Joe Action Soldier Fighting Man from Head to Toe.

GI Joe Action Soldier on the land.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Special Announcement Plastic Army Women

BMC Toys is running a Kickstarter campaign to make Plastic Army Women.  These will be the same size as their
classic Army Men.

I am in for $50 and they only need 142 more people at that level to get all the stretch goals.

I really want the dog handler.

This expires in less than a week.
Figures will be made in Tan, Green, and Pink.  I want the Green ones.  They also have special stretch goals with resin figures and special sets.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

Zemy Gorynych Approaches!

The three headed dragon, the terror of Russian folklore!

No, wait, that terrific rumble is not it at all.

The three headed beast is the T28 heavy tank.

Zemy Gorynych is not a dragon, it's a massive Soviet tank.

The men return to their duties.

The sun goes down on the village, the men happy that the mighty power is on their side.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Beware Zmey Gorynych

The BT series are fast tanks but they use up fuel quickly too.

They line up and the fuel tankers fill them up.

They are pausing in the village to refuel and to wait.

Deploy in the buildings to keep an eye out for what is coming.

It's getting dark and many strange thinks lurk in the woods.

Especially at night.

 Zmey Gorynych!  The ancient three headed dragon of legend!

What can they do against such power!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Hammer of Thor

The Tiger tanks rumble past the government building.

They are the most powerful tank on the battlefield.

They are confident of victory.

They have a secret weapon on their side.

The Hammer of Thor!

Monday, December 9, 2019

Batman vs the Joker

The Joker returns to his lair after robbing the Gotham City Bank.

He meets up with Catwoman.

They plan their takeover of Gotham City.

But wait, Holy Surprise, it's Batman!

These metal figures are from Grenadier Models, their Batman set of 5 super heroes.  They are about 54mm and include: Batman, Joker, Silver Surfer, She Hulk (I painted her as Catwoman) and Thor.  The other blue Henchmen are 50 year old MPC plastic figures.

I painted them one solid color as if they were soft plastic Army Men figures.

Many thanks to Billy Hill a Facebook friend of mine who has sent me a few great sets of models, figures, die cast cars and other bits.  Donations help keep the Bunker operational and keep operating expenses down.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Joker Robs a Bank

The Joker and his henchmen knock out the tellers at the Gotham City Bank.

And make off with the loot.

But what, who is this arriving?

The Caped Crusader, but too late to stop the Joker!

Joker returns to his lair where he meets the Catwoman!  More tomorrow, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Blog!