Sunday, April 22, 2018

Medical Team

The other nice Marx accessory is the medical kit.  I like the two tone plastic camouflage or weathering technique.  It's done by dropping two colors of plastic beads into the injection molding machine and injecting them before they mix much.

The detail on the box is amazing, the instruments, the little drawers.

I always use it with my Tim Mee medics.

Having the plasma is handy with all the wounded coming in.

Of course, the whole blood can bring other problems.

So keep a jar of garlic powder handy.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Light Mortars

Of course, Marx already makes a mortar crewman in 54mm but I have a better use for him.  My collection is mostly 60mm and I only use 54mm troops to fill in a gap here and there.  Also one mortar crewman is a bit sparse.

Since Tim Mee did not make a mortar for their 60mm troops, I use the Tim Mee Vietnam era soldiers 54mm mortar guy.  Ironically he is a 54mm figure with a 60mm mortar!

The Marx figure makes a good number 2 for this small mortar and a two man crew is plenty for it.

Again, the mortar bomb box is a nice accessory.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Ring Hands and Marx

Another ring hand figure, this is a useful pose, because he can be doing almost anything.

The hole in the base was designed to fit over pegs on many MPC toys.  He could be snapped onto the peg on the deck of a ship and then cruise around the backyard without falling off.  I did not use that feature much.

I liked the backpack with the bayonet on the side.

 One use for these figures is as crews for Marx accessories.

Four men make up a good mortar crew and they don't need many accessories.

Here they are serving the Marx mortar.

Don't forget the box of mortar bombs.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Slot and Ring

The original ring hand figures had their hands in a literal ring shape.  It was hard to get weapons in their hands.

This carbine has had the sling cut off so he can hold it.  Later, many of my ring hands got one or both hands slit open so they could grasp items better.

This guy is a slot hand figure, the hand has a slot and the weapons are sort of slipped into the slot.

This guys lower hand has been cut.

Similar figures but the accessories really make them look different.

Stabbing mini Godzilla.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ring Hand

I used to play wargames as kids and we would always select a figure to represent ourselves and another one to represent our buddy.

I always picked these two.  With ring hand figures you could not change position, like GI Joe, but you could swap out the gear.

So my miniature alter ego could done a helmet and binoculars and pick up an M1 rifle to replace the carbine.

It gave the 60mm hero the chance to engage in more pretend activities.

A common problem with the helmets is they sometime split open.

The figures often came in slightly different colors, so you could have two of the same pose, but tell them apart.

Three troops in battle gear.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


My favorite figures, ring hand figures by MPC.  

The great thing about these troops is you can mix and match the gear.

And the size matches well with the Tim Mee figures.

The running man with rifle, body armor, and shovel.

A great pose, I think.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Revell USA Bankrupt and Sold!

It appears that Revell, USA; has gone bankrupt and has been closed and sold to Revell, Germany.  All Revell employees have been laid off and Revell has to vacate their Champlain, Illinois warehouse in 30 days or less.  If you live near their, it might be a good idea to call or visit and see if they are selling everything off!  Comment if you learn any more news!

Another sad day when a giant of the hobby goes under.



Tim Mee had this great little vignette as part of their troops.  A stretcher, a patient, two litter bearers, and a nurse with lantern.

The set also included a dog with a pack with two side pouches with crosses on them, a stand and a flag for the stand.  The flag was a red cross flag.  Not pictured as I forgot to bring the dog.

The nurse and stretcher bearers have red cross markings on their helmets and armbands.

This is the only female figure I had in my armies for decades.

Marx had a similar set up, but the woman is holding a plasma bottle.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


One of the great things about Tim Mee Army Men is many of them had the Tim Mee logo on the bottom of the base.

It lets you know for sure who made the figure and it's a cool mid-century modern logo.

Tim Mee stabbing man and another one.  The other one is more active looking, but the Tim Mee guy could be blocking a high blow or he could be wading in water.

Another similar pair of men.  One with telescopic sight and one without, but very similar.  The one on the right also has a semi-automatic rifle and the one on the left has a bolt action rifle.

Both are good for hunting the toy Godzilla.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


70mm figure compared to a 60mm figure by Tim Mee.

He seems ginormous, but really, he is within the normal range of human sizes if the Tim Mee figure is average.

These guys don't have a rifle molded on, but that can be fixed with a little ring hand accessory.

Slip a rifle or carbine sling over his should and he now is fully armed.

It also gives you an additional pose.