Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cat Attack

The giant cat has leaped from the foliage and taken off after the medical dog. The dog has rapidly taken to his heels.

Nearly everyone was stunned by the shock and awe of a giant cat bounding to the attack. Everyone has turned to look and many have taken a few steps toward the cat and his intended victim.

The dog has made good his escape but the big cat will not be deterred.

One man is knocked down in the commotion of the cat attack, but the giant cat has found another victim and knocked him to the ground.

The soldier has been knocked to the ground, the massive fangs of the cat hover near his face, when a shot rings out...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cats & Dogs

The stretcher team bares away the body of the fallen soldier. Even in time of peace, the US Army is a dangerous job.

A large cat bounds from the foliage.

Heading for the medical dog, the big cat moves swiftly.

Just as a matter of luck, the television camera is pointing the right way.

Everyone hears the scream of the giant beast and turns to face the small drama about to play out between cat and dog...

Friday, August 28, 2009


The investigation of the dead man will be conducted by many people. The Lady Scientist, the Cowboy, the Nurse, the CID men, and the solders. All will have a part in this mystery.

Three CID men are checking the scene. They don't get many murders on the mostly crime free military bases. Sure the occasional drunken solder, or maybe some petty theft, or even an AWOL once in a while. Most of them come back in a few days. But not many murders.

This is a big event. The base television station is even on site to record the events. Naturally they will have to be heavily edited to protect operational secrets and the privacy of the dead soldier.

The medics are here to collect the body.

Three doctors are here, they will conduct a preliminary examination of the body here in the field to get important evidence into the hands of the investigators as soon as possible.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Space Age Gear

Several members of the US Army Astro-Rangers are in attendance. These elite troops are training for the High Frontier of Combat.

Scientists, medical men, and the FBI are all here. Now that the missing man has been recovered their task is now one of apprehending the vile criminal who is responsible for this outrageous murder.

The US Army Astro-Rangers will bring their Space Age skills to solve a problem as old as man. How to find a murderer.

This new ground surveillance radar system is being used to look into the forest and search for a hiding criminal. They do detect movement near the edge of the woods. They are adjusting their gear to determine the nature of this motion. It is this type of high technology apparatus that will win the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Even the Infantry is bringing their newest weapons here. This XM-60 Machine Gun is the latest thing in man portable fire power.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Investigation Continues

The soldiers have erected tentage to cover the recovered radio, and the body. They also have another tent to protect the body after they retrieve it from the vegetation.

The CID men begin their investigation, looking for any clues on or near the body. Footprints, tire tracks, a dropped cigarette can all help to place the murderer at the scene.

With the search over so quickly, many of the men are not quite sure what to do now. They want to help, but don't know how to now.

The Military Police confer and try and determine their next move. The other soldiers hurry up and wait. Not the first time that has ever happened in this man's Army. The sniper sits on a high perch and watches.

On the perimeter the men keep watch. They know that there is a murderer out there someplace, a killer who has snatched a victim right out from the edge of a group.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Find!

The Military Police Officer explains the search pattern that they will run in their search for the missing man. It is all the same, a missing child, a missing man, a missing suspect. The map gets a grid overlaid on it and you search every square until you find what you are looking for. In a large base like the Atomic Testing Base hikers get lost, and missiles go off course and so the Military Police get a lot of practice searching the area.

One of the CID men finds the body. It is horribly torn and mutilated. Something awful has happened to the missing soldier.

Another CID man comes to his assistance along with another soldier.

Something rustles in the forest, but with all the commotion, no one hears it.

Every ones attention is drawn to the scene. They had some tiny hope they would find the man alive, but now that hope is gone.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Space Age System

Space Age equipment is being used to try and help find the missing man. Here a team of US Navy men sets up a ground surveillance radar system.

This radar will look into the woods and try to find any moving targets that are man sized.

The US Army has brought one of their newest weapons here. This is the XM-60 Machine Gun.

This machine gun uses the latest technology. Some of it was developed in the Second World War by German scientists. Now those same scientists are working for the Free World to help America.

Army troops are searching for a missing buddy. The Military Police are coordinating the search. Space Age science and simple men walking on the ground will work together to find the missing man.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Missing Man, Found Radio

A soldier is missing from the Atomic Testing Base. The troops have been sent to the location where the missing man was last seen.

While the missing man was Army, even men from the Navy have volunteered to help. Inter-service rivalry is put aside in times of danger.

The troops set up a perimeter and work outwards, looking for any sign that may tell them what happened to the missing man.

The CID man inspects the location of the destroyed radio. This is the new radio that will be used by the US Army Astro-Ranger Force. This potential security breach is was a major concern, along with the loss of the man. At least they know he did not run off to the Soviet Embassy with it.

Anytime a man goes missing you have to look at all the potential scenarios. Did he have an accident? Was he murdered? Did he run off with a woman? If he had access to classified documents or materials, did he run off with enemy agents, or was he killed by them? At least we know that this missing man did not take the secret radio with him.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Return To Look For The Missing

A smashed radio sits alone in the wilderness. Not long ago men were here. Working on a project to send missiles into space. Now one of them is missing and the others have gone for help.

The first to return is an armored car filled with armed men. The ones who were here before spoke of their fellow disappearing.

Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted. A CID man steps from the armored car and has a quick look around.

Once the coast seems clear he calls for more troops who arrive to look for their dead fellow.

The troops bring tools, weapons, supplies, all ready to look for their missing buddy. No effort will be spared to find him, or his body.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Achtung Schweindehund

Achtung Schweindehund is billed as A Boys Own Story of Imaginary Combat. It is that, and very much more too. Harry Pearson tells not only his story, but also the story of modern miniature historical wargaming. He is English and tells of growing up about the same time as I grew up in America, fifty years ago. Mr. Pearson describes the models, the friendships, the trends, and characters who populate the wargame world.

Published in 2008 by Abacus, London, UK.
I found the book funny and I have many friends that are very similar to the people described in this book. This is a great book. I got it from Amazon for less than $10. Highly recommended.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Veterinary and Culinary

When armies break and run, only a few things will stop them. One is exhaustion, another is hunger.

In my wargame rules, having field kitchens and medical stations gives the gamer logical places to retire and regroup his armies.

In this instance, a horse has been placed in a sling on a framework to keep the horse off his feet for a while.

Here we see kitchen troops butchering cattle. The troops are already starting to gather.

If the routing troops are no longer in the line of fire of the enemy, then they can rally at these locations and recover their morale to fight again. This gives a practical wargame reason for having service and support units in a wargame army.