Sunday, October 31, 2021


More atomic van photos.
Top has a nice window.
Nice looking truck.

 Dismounted soldier.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Atomic Truck

Matchbox truck.
I think it has a very futuristic look to it.
Could be an electric vehicle, but with the logo on the side, maybe it's an atomic powered vehicle!
It could be repainted into many different things, but I will likely keep it as is.
I am a sucker for the atom logo.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Lee and the Jeeps

Painting Lee tanks.
Using the now discontinued Model Master 1911 Olive Drab.
Tank looks really good painted up.
Good by old friend!  Rust-Oleum purchased Testors and discontinued many of their paints, this was one of them.
Primer painting.
Using this paint.

 Paul Heiser Jeeps, also hard to find these days.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

General Lee


US Army M3 tank.
They were used in combat by the US Army on Makin Island in the Pacific, in the diesel engine version.
And used in combat by American forces in North Africa.
They were also used in combat by the British, Russians, and even a few by the Germans.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Wargame Rules Aircraft Altitude




            Aircraft rules are complex enough to reflect the general characteristics of the individual aircraft types, but similar weapons will be grouped together, just with the ground weapons.  Charts, protocols, and procedures mirror the ground rules for ease of play.




            In air combat maneuver is more important than the weapons.  In dogfights, aircraft use speed and maneuver to gain a favorable position and range to shoot down the enemy.  The skill of the crew is also a very important factor and will increase the chance of defeating the enemy.


            A single seat fighter can shoot down even large and powerful aircraft if it is close, in a good position and gets a lucky hit.  A large aircraft with multiple engines will be more difficult to bring down than a small single seat aircraft.


Aircraft Altitude Levels



Geostationary satellites and other space vehicles fly in high orbit.  High orbit is one inch below the ceiling.



Photo reconnaissance platforms and near Earth space vehicles.  Low orbit is five inches below the ceiling.



Limited reconnaissance aircraft only, no ground attacks.  Extreme is ten inches below the ceiling.



Ground attack by level bombers, takes place on the D chart but if the target is illuminated then use the C chart.  High is thirty inches above ground level.



Ground attack by medium bombers, uses the C chart unless the target is illuminated then use the B chart.  This is the maximum altitude level for open cockpit aircraft.  Medium is twenty inches above ground level.



Dive bomber aircraft, use the B chart.  Start at Medium Level and move to Low Level to drop the bomb.  Descend one level per phase.  Dive Bombing is considered as a subset of Medium Level.



Ground attack by any aircraft, B chart unless the target is illuminated, then use the A chart.  Low level is ten inches above Ground Level.



NOE is one inch above ground level.  Modern aircraft and helicopters are the only aircraft that can fly NOE.  Nap of the Earth is considered as a subset of Low Level.  ATGM must be fired from NOE.



The ground is the surface of the land, water, trees or buildings.


I don't have any before photos.
Each of these fountains started as the plastic cap to a deodorant stick.
I painted them using clear Tamiya blue for the water.

 And then mounted them on sheet plastic.  Two sheets got painted like concrete and one was flocked like grass.  Extra little scenery items.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Police Ambulance

Trident NYPD, New York City Police Department 1/87 HO scale van.
Van like this can be used to transport police, arrested persons, or as an ambulance.
Sometimes they are used to carry equipment like street barricades.
Agency I used to work for had a similar truck filled with ammo, shields, water, tools, all sorts of things that might be used at a variety of emergencies.
Basically the same as the Trident Army version.
But with very nice police markings on the side.
Same model.
Shown here with the big ambulance.

Monday, October 25, 2021


Trident Army ambulance in 1/87 HO scale plastic.
Like a Roco Minitank these are mostly assembled when you get them.
You just add a few detail parts and you are done.
In this case it's mostly lights that need to be installed.
And the bumper.  Builds up pretty good I think.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Cutting Mat

I got a couple old cutting mats.
Not so bad on the back side.
Cut a bit off the top.
When my old toaster oven died, I got the metal tray.
The old cutting mat will be cut up and used to line the metal tray.
So I can use it for cutting, or for painting.  It provides a more self-contained and portable workspace.  Did the cutting of the mat with a large #2 X-Acto knife blade and a big pair of scissors.

Saturday, October 23, 2021


Just unpacked these after my move of three years ago.  Resin and white metal hovercraft.
Used by the US in Vietnam.  Able to go all over the marshes and swamps.
They got a little banged up in the move.
But seemed to have been easy to repair.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Gray Trucks

The trucks, both old and new.  The old trucks have lasted 30 years or more.  The new ones seem just as durable.
New Jeep and cannon gray.
Gray truck.  Very smooth looking color.
Perfect color match with the Jeep, same as the green and blue trucks.

Same trailer hitch means the gray truck can tow the gray cannon.