Monday, November 6, 2017


MRS Bunkermeister and I have retired and moved to Scottsville, Kentucky, USA.  Right now we are living in a two star motel, and the collection, as well as our household goods, are in storage sheds.

My computer access is wonky so I have not been able to post for the last ten days or so, but I finally managed to get the computer up and I hope to be able to post photos again soon.

Prior to leaving Southern California, I stopped by both Pegasus Hobbies, in Montclair, CA, and Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove, CA.  Both of them gave me some smoking great deals on my very large "goodbye" hobby purchases.  I have been going to Brookhurst since 1974 and Pegasus Hobbies for at least 25 years so not having direct access to them will be a huge change.

I also picked up a few items at the Dinosaur Farm, in South Pasadena, it's right on Mission Street, across from the Police Department.  I managed to pick up a few flying reptiles and you can bet they will appear here soon.  I already took a few pictures but transferring them from the camera to the computer is a bit sketchy right now, my cables are packed someplace!

Thanks for all the great comments, hope to have more for you soon.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

WWII and Post War US Army

American WWII M7 Priest self propelled guns and the rest of the battalion.

It takes a lot of ammo trucks to keep these guns supplied.

I got a few of them right here.

Armored infantry battalion, mostly Roco M3A1 halftracks.

Many have the 37mm anti-tank gun.  Not that great for tanks in WWII but pretty good against everything else.

Many of these are loaded down with ladders, boxes, crates and other junk.

It takes a lot of supplies to keep an army moving.

That's true post war also, here a modern towed 155 howitzer unit, with a few MLRS in the background in resin.

This group included Fidelis Models supplies, Roco vehicles, Hot Wheels, some generic toys and some long out of  production resin kits.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Renault FT

World War One US Army tank goodness.  About 64 Renault 17 tanks.

A two man tank made by Renault in WWI and by the US also in the First World War.  We had hundreds and hundreds of them in the inventory and they were active until 1932.

Then they were placed in war reserve status and held there until about 1940 when they were sold to Canada for the price of scrap, even though most were operational.  They used them for training; a bit of sneaking around to avoid those Neutrality Laws.  That also means that had the Germans or Canadians for that matter, invaded the USA, prior to 1940, the good old Renault FT could have served in combat again!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Ruins and Construction Equipment

Ruins.  They have to be packed as carefully as the other models.

After all, you don't want the ruins to get broken!

One of my lost world boxes.  Many of my underbed storage boxes have boxes within boxes.

It helps keep the smaller pieces together and also keeps them intact.

A few years ago 99 Cents Only stores had a sale on Boley vehicles.

I picked up some construction equipment.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Cold War US Army

As I pack the boxes I am getting a chance to see some vehicles that have been in storage for a while.
US Army Roco M113 and various M48 series tanks.

Trucks, Gamma Goats, and M114 recon vehicles.

An M113 armored infantry battalion.

These are scheduled for some repairs, upgrades, and organization in late 2018.

One project is to make a few vehicles that saw little or no service.  The US Army experimented with many different versions of these vehicles during the Cold War.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Starting in about April, 2017 I began packing my collection.

I have purchased over 1,000 feet of bubble wrap, in two different sizes.

I got over 300 cubic feet of packing peanuts.

Most of it I got at Serv-All packaging, great folks, great prices.

Some of my Christmas buildings, each one gets individually wrapped.

Then packed up or down to fit snugly into the plastic box.