Wednesday, November 14, 2018

ArsenalM Sale and Newsletter

Fidelis Models is having a sale on ArsenalM models.  They seldom go on sale and most are out of production.

Check it out.

Fidelis Models also puts out a newsletter that includes Bunkermeister content.

If you are interested in the newsletter, contact them at:


The House

My wife and I are building our new home in Kentucky. 

It's not just a wargaming room.  We are going to live here.

Our kitchen, dining room, and pantry area has a Coca-Cola theme.

Looking out of the laundry room into the kitchen.

Breakfast bar space.  We retired, sold our home, paid off our debts, and used all the rest of the money to have a new home built for our retirement.  It's the home we always wanted.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tim Mee Cold War Jets

Tim Mee Cold War Fighter Planes includes two fighters, an F11 Tiger US Navy fighter and this one, a US Air Force F104 Starfighter.

The US Navy only used 200 F11 Tiger jets but the Air Force.  Over 2,500 of these jets were built and used by 15 nations.

The model is about 1/72nd scale and works well with these Airfix soft plastic figures.

This is the packaging header card for these jets, and it shows the sticker placement.

Here are the stickers, one sticker for each upper wing is the norm for national insignia on US Air Force jets of the era and one on each side.  Thanks Tim Mee for the review samples.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Tim Mee Cold War Jets

Tim Mee Toys Cold War Jet Fighters set includes two jets from the early Cold War era.

The first one is this F11 US Navy fighter plane.

The F11 Tiger was in service with the US Navy from 1956 to 1966.

They were the Navys second super sonic fighter plane, and carried four 20mm cannons.

This toy jet has only four parts, three wheels and the rest of the plane.

The real jet was almost 50 feet long and the model scales out to a hair over 1/72nd scale.

The model is a bit underpowered!  The plastic is very durable and the light gray works great for Navy planes.

The size of the jet works well with 1/72nd scale figures. The model comes with stickers that I did not apply.

Looks like I may have to start collecting Navy Cold War jets.  Thanks Tim Mee for the review sample.