Monday, November 19, 2018

Germans and Shermans

Early production Lee tank and Sherman tank.

In 1940 the Germans invaded France and one of the strongest tanks in their army was the Panzer IV with the short barreled 75mm cannon. The US Army had sent observers to France to report back on the action and the 75mm guns were a big surprise to the US Army. American medium tanks only had 37mm guns so something had to be done. The American M2 and M2A1 medium tanks with 37mm guns in a fully rotating turret had been outclassed overnight. Over 1,000 were on order but were now obsolete. America needed a 75mm gun tank and right away.

Mock up Panzer IV used by US Army for training.

There had been a proposal to mount a 75mm gun in a sponson on one side. They had the blueprints and even made a mock up. It would take at least a year to design and draw the blueprints for a tank with a 75mm gun in a fully rotating turret. So they modified the self-propelled gun version into a tank with a 75mm gun in a sponson and called it the M3 Lee tank. It was intended only for training so the troops could get used to a 75mm gun while they waited for the production of the new tank.
In September the first prototype tank was completed with a fully rotating turret armed with a 75mm gun in American history, the T6. After a few modifications it was standardized as the M4 Sherman tank. So don't compare the Sherman to the Panther or the Tiger, they were years newer than the Sherman, compare it to the Panzer IV, the tank it was designed against.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Tanks and Troops and the Enemy

Table edge to the walk out exit.  This is a new table section being built on the existing table.

Tanks and armor advancing as jets prepare for take off.

What are they up against?

A dinosaur, of course!

With his camouflage matching the table top perfectly!

The monster approaches the airfield.

The troops move to intercept.

They advance and try to bring the monster under fire.

Moving to the flank.

The aircraft scramble.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Wargame Table

M47 tanks by Roco are the first tanks on my wargame table.

M59 armored personnel carriers are the first on my wargame table.

When put into real action the table will be covered with cloth or carpet.

Esci US paratroopers are using the same gear they would have had in the 1950's.

I love having a large wargame table, I am so blessed.

F11 Tiger by Tim Mee.  This is a great wargame piece.  I am getting a few more I think.

F104 Starfighter by Tim Mee.  They come in a two pack with the F11.

I am very happy with my wargame table.  Thank you MRS Bunkermeister for letting me get it.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Tank Infantry Cooperation

 Tim Mee planes on the runway.

Tim Mee planes, Roco, Roskopf, and Esci US Paratroopers.

A 1950's US Army combat team moving forward from the air strip.

Troops, M47 tanks, and M59 armored personnel carriers.

Troops protected by armor.

Armor protected by troops.

Classic tank  / infantry cooperation.

Extra machine gun on the roof of the M59.