Sunday, August 20, 2017

US Army Vehicles

Spraying primer on some of my WWII American vehicles.  

Hard to see under the light and shadow of the pergula on my patio.

Tanks, tractors, half tracks, anti-tank guns, rocket launchers.

Most of these are Paul Heiser Models.

Some are Roco.

It's been a long time since I have had time to work on the American forces.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Taking Photos

60mm troops recently released by BMC, formerly from  the LIDO molds and back in production after decades.  These are great troops and stand up even without bases.

Take pictures of Army Men by getting down low and close in to them.  Make sure there is plenty of light.

Hold the camera still and give time for the auto focus to work.  Take lots of photos and later you can delete the ones that don't turn out well.  It's easy to crop photos and its a good way to make use of pictures that have an odd item on the edge.

Take the figures outside and post them in the dirt, on the lawn, or even on the sidewalk.

Take both group shots and individual figures.  Get down very low and get in very close.  Use the zoom even from a foot or two away.

It's not hard to take good photos, I manage after years of practice to take reasonable photos.

Bunkermeister welcomes readers from Canada!

Friday, August 18, 2017

RSI On the March

Troops marching past headquarters off to war.

Much of their time was spent fighting Communist partisans.

Airfix 1/72nd scale Italian Infantry.

In a large group they look pretty good, I think.

A simple diorama with a simple and inexpensive building repurposed for a WWII Italian building.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

RSI Building

The building does not come with any interior, not even a full floor.

I added sheets of "Tile" around the edge of the second floor to create a small space for furniture and troops.

Not intended to create a mezzanine, but rather a simulation of a second floor so troops can fire out the windows.

I added the same tile floor to the first floor and made a large office.  Decorated it with large RSI posters, one of Hitler and Mussolini together.

The other with Mussolini on a horse.

The furniture is all various resin and plastic bits.

The drapes I downloaded from an advertisement for draperies and resized them to fit the windows.

Furniture is separate pieces so it can be removed or rearranged.

The mezzanine type second floor allows me access to the first floor.

Airfix WWII Italian soldier inside for scale.

Room to move about on the second floor.

Even marching!