Saturday, June 22, 2024


Pegasus LCVP landing craft.
Airfix LCVP in light gray, with the Pegasus LCVP and two Airfix USMC figures.
Close up.
Both are pretty good and both have their own good and bad parts.
LCA in resin, the LCA and the LCVP are the two most common landing craft used by the US in WWII.
The LCA was armored and had two machine guns in the front so it was good for landing on opposed beaches.

Friday, June 21, 2024

Pegasus Landing Craft and Airfix

Airfix LCM landing craft poly plastic.
Airfix and Aurora side by side with Airfix Marines.
I build my LCVP landing craft without the rudders or screws since they will likely be broken off in game play.
The Pegasus LCVP with Airfix crew.
The LCVP is too large to fit in the LCM.
Pegasus LCVP with it's semi-clear plastic water base, very cool I think.

Thursday, June 20, 2024

South Pasadena and Other Cities

I am working on a project for War of the Worlds.  My plan is to create US Army troops to fight a Martian invasion that happens without warning in 1898, 1918, 1938, 1958, 1978, 1998.  So every 20 years for 100 years.  I want police, local militia, National Guard, Army Reserve, and Regular Army forces who can respond locally to the invasion.  My hope is to have a thousand or more troops for each era.  So I am sorting out my various troops for those eras  into platoon, company, battalion and regimental organizations.  Each little section at the bottom in the photo is a platoon of about 50 troops per platoon, and going up toward the top of the photo you have four platoons per company.  Then going across and adding columns I get a battalion with every four columns.  Each unit has a supply wagon and higher units add a field kitchen wagon and other wagons.
I am also adding horse cavalry, field artillery, and coast defense artillery.  There are also specialized units of engineers, and headquarters, medical, and supply units.
Here are two supply columns, one is oxen drawn and one is horse drawn.  The wagons are the Imex Conestoga wagon and the oxen are Atlantic conversions of their long horn cattle.
I am also working on some science fiction figures, these are for Space 1999.  I take various books, wargame rules, radio programs, comic books, TV shows and movies and mix and match those things that I like to create a cohesive universe.  So Space 1999 is my outer space planet or moon base people.  I use Star Trek the original series as the basis for my interstellar exploration, law enforcement, border security, and search and rescue service.  I use Buck Rogers in the 25th Century as my Earth based planetary and Solar System defense forces.  Then Starship Troopers are the heavy infantry for ground combat.  I use figures from board games, conversions, toys, and many others to create these forces.
Part of my War of the Worlds plan is to have Martians land in one of several areas, including Gettysburg, which is one of my American Civil War battles that I try to re-fight.  As such, I need monuments for the National Park.  So I got a bunch of ACW figures in various scales from a variety of donors and sellers and made these monuments.  Of course, these monuments could serve in any ACW battlefield and in city parks and other places.
This is my police forces for the period from 1898 until at least 1998.  I am building police forces that will work for each of the War of the World eras, for each of the following law enforcement agencies based in California:  City of South Pasadena, City of Los Angeles, Sheriff County of Los Angeles.  California Highway Patrol, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Park Service Rangers.  Again these will be first responders to any Martian invasion.  The idea of a Martian invasion is that the US is attacked without warning in a place of the enemies choosing.  While I certainly have "Martians" to conduct the invasion, it could also be other aliens, or even Earth humans from some other country.
I also am working on and off with my James Bond collection.  These are mostly Henchman for Blofeld based on the movie On Her Majesties Secret Service.  They are conversions of various Revell, Airfix, and civilian figures.
The last project is my world capitals, this one is Moscow, Red Square.  Here we see it in the WWII era configuration with T-34/76 tanks from Roco on parade.  The Square is mostly photo print outs pasted on a sky background and a wooden and plastic Lenin's Tomb that I scratch built.  I have been painting generic civilians for use on such set ups. 
My plan is to do Moscow, Washington, D.C., London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, and several American cities, South Pasadena, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Malibu, CA, New York, NY, Grover's Mill, New Jersey, and Gettysburg, PA.  This is essentially all I am doing for Moscow.  I will do similar small, specific locations for London, Paris, and Tokyo.  I will do more for Berlin and Washington, D.C. since much of WWII was fought in Berlin and Washington, D.C. has a lot of wargame potential.  NYC will also get more attention and other places.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024



Two Airfix LCM in soft plastic, one gray and one green.
Aurora landing craft inside an Airfix LCM.  Airfix USMC figures for scale.
Through the ramp.
I think the Aurora kit is a Landing Craft, Vehicle, LCV which preceded the LCVP and used essentially the same hull.  The LCV was 36 feet long and this model is 36 scale feet long in HO 1/87 scale, which is the nominal scale of the vehicles and figures in the Aurora Anzio set.
The Airfix poly LCM on the beach.