Tuesday, July 6, 2010

222 Final Pictures

The final primer painting of the resin 222 WWII German armored cars. I had to spritz a bit of paint straight down into the turret. I like to primer paint my resin vehicles. The resin really soaks up the paint and often the edges will show the yellow resin color through without a lot of paint being applied to the model. The dark primer is not so bad. Also resin colors vary and are sometimes multi-media kits, with brass or soft metal parts too. I added plastic and metal detail bits from the spares box so this had at least three different materials and surfaces to color.

After a quick overspray of Tamya tan the vehicles are ready for some details. I only painted the headlights silver and the tires black. I left the rest tan. I put a small DAK palm tree on the nose of each armored car, but no other decals.

Two 222 with a Roco Kubelwagen, that's probably 30 years old. It's been a long war.

If you look very close at the enlarged photo you can pretend to almost see the plam tree decal.

All that is missing is four guys in two Jeeps, one with a helmet, one with a beret, one with a kepi and one in a bush hat.


Bob G. said...

Those look REAL nice...
Do you ever use HUMBROL paints on resins?
That used to work real well on trains made from anything from brass to plastic.

30 year old Kubelwagen...long war...LMAO!

All that's needed are a few bare-metal "bullet dings" for those near misses.

I just got a P-40E (Western desert campaign decals) in 1/72, so maybe when it's finished (and I don't choose to make it an early USAAF version) I might do a "fly-over reccy".

And yeah...gotta have the RAT PATROL...!

(Now, about canibalizing those Roco jeeps for SAS....NOT)

Carry On!

Bunkermeister said...

Hey Bob, good catch on the Rat Patrol reference!

I have not used Humbrol paints in 20 years, but I know they are excellent quality. I am sure they would work fine. Here in Southern CA the Tamya paints are easy to find at several hobby shops near my home, that's one reason I use them.

cooey2ph said...

Nice work onthese afvs. I've been wanting to order some in 1/72 plastic but hannants curently doesnt have it in stock. I'm too scared to work with resin:( Great job!

Bunkermeister said...

Resin is generally pretty easy. If you can do a good job with styrene kits you can do resin. You have to be very careful and work slow.