Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tiki Heads

While at Dollar Tree a few days ago, MRS Bunkermeister found this interesting ice cube tray and was kind enough to point it out to me.

It is silicon plastic and I filled it not with ice, but with resin.

Out popped 10 little tiki heads.

Seen here with a pirate figure in 1/72nd scale. 

I primed them spray primer.

Later I will paint them in garish colors.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Collection Storage

My wargame table is designed with shelving underneath. I put underbed storage boxes under the table on the shelving.

I use a 41 quart underbed storage boxes by Sterilite to hold most of my collection. First I put in a shelf liner, it is a sort of plastic mesh, then on top of that I line the box with corduroy fabric with the lines running parallel to the length of the box. The shelf liner keeps the corduroy in place. The corduroy lines keep the vehicles from rolling around in the box. I put a 3X5 card with the contents marked in large marker at the end of the box, in letters large enough to read from ten feet away. I have over 100 of them.

I also use the taller, 56 quart box. It is much taller and it allows me to store my larger buildings and much of my 60mm stuff goes in them too. These are lined the same way as the underbed storage boxes.

A couple years ago I got two resin/plastic storage sheds with extensions, they are outside the house on a concrete driveway used by the previous owners of the home for their motor home. I weigh each box and place the weight in pounds on a sticker and it goes on the outside of the box, near the
label of contents. Boxes are stacked with the heavy ones on the bottom and light ones on top, no more than eight high. No box is more than 15 pounds and most are about 7 pounds.

It is a lot of work and expense to get it all set up, but it keeps the collection insect, spider and rodent free. I used to use cardboard boxes but after several water leaks, mouse attacks and spider and June bug invasions, I took the plunge and my whole hobby budget for the year went to upgrading
the storage. It was well worth it, and because I store on site I don't have to go anywhere to get anything and I don't have to pay a monthly fee either.

It also makes finding the collection much easier. I am still working on the project, I need a few more boxes. Usually I have purchased them on sale at Target or similar retailers, the corduroy I got on sale from Joann's. The storage sheds came from Loews, my wife and I put them up in a day. It does get hot in there, I am investigating solar powered fans to keep the air moving.

My tens of thousands of unpainted soft plastic figures are in Tupperware type plastic boxes in my attached garage. They are kept inside a chest of drawers and cabinet designed specifically for that purpose. Despite being kept away from UV light and temperature extremes, some of the older figures
have still gotten brittle. Mostly Airfix, and Esci, in the 30+ year old range.  Some of my older figures are just fine however, even cheapies like Giant of Hong Kong that are 40 and 50 years old. I suspect it is as much in the plastic formula used as it is in their storage.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


This is the box I use for most of my vehicle storage.

I line them with shelf liner.

Spread out a small piece of the liner to hold the cloth in place.

I use corduroy on top of the liner.  It keeps the vehicles from rolling around.

I run the edges up the sides and end just a bit to help keep the little bits from falling under the cloth.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rocketship M-2010

The M-2010 rocketship is designed to carry a squad of US Army Astro Rangers.

Prior to launch, the vehicle is disassembled into the three major components for inspection.

Each part is carefully inspected and tested to insure a smooth launch.

A squad of US Army Astro Rangers is only five men, but their high level of training and skill makes them the match of an enemy squad twice their number.

The rocketship M-2010 will be able to transport the squad anywhere in the world in only a few minutes.

Imagine the ability to project power when you can land a force of soldiers, hundreds of miles behind enemy lines, from a take off point anywhere in the world!

The rocketship M-2010 is ready for launch!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Rocket Power!

The shipping container will work as a ground control headquarters.

This is the new M-2010 rocketship.

The M-2010 is the latest in rocket technology.

It can be fired from either the vertical position or horizontal.

The launch can be made without external equipment or support vehicles.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


The men slide the package out of the cargo container.

The cargo is wrapped in a massive plastic container to protect it from moisture and dust.

Advanced electronics are sensitive to moisture and so keeping them wrapped until the last minute was important.

The bag is reusable and expensive, it's saved for the next transport.

The mighty machine is removed from the box and the protective packaging.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

US Army Astro Rangers

US Army Astro Rangers and support team approach a large box.

Only the best get the designation of US Army Astro Ranger, but it takes a large support staff to make what they do possible.

This massive crate has no markings only a single green dot on the door.

The crate is inspected top to bottom to insure no damage was done in transit.

Now the men prepare to open the door and remove the cargo.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Easter Island

Flying low over the heads.

Some heads look very old.

Some of the heads look much newer.

Smooth faced heads next to rough faced heads.

Giant heads standing over twelve feet tall.

Some heads are very near the edge of the cliff.

Others are farther back from the edge.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Stone Heads

Flying low over the island.

Strange heads looking inward.

One to three lines of them.

A few half naked people in among the head sculptures.

A strange sight to see.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Easter Island

Heads from Easter Island.

A convertible with the Easter Island heads.

1/72nd scale figure with heads.

Staff car on Easter Island.

Staff car, slush cast model with new windows and new tires and new paint.