Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Star Trek Figure Collection

These are some close up views of the new Star Trek figures I have made.  Note the bases.
Red Shirt, and the Gold Shirt next to him, have a gray base and the other two have a metallic silver base.  "Hero" figures have a metallic gray base in my ruleset.  It is subtle enough that unless you are close you won't know they are particularly different.
Under the base I have used a marker to print information.  S for Security, C for Command.  The other two are named characters, Spock, and Sulu.  Since this photo I have developed a way to print a small name tag with my printer so they are easier to read and can contain more information.  I also use the letters A for Administration, E for Engineering, M for Medical, and S for Science.  Since Security wears Red Shirts and Science wears Blue Shirts there is no confusion despite using the same initial.
Here is my full Star Trek collection, apart from my ship bridge.  I have two shuttles and 60 figures.  Most Star Trek episodes and movies don't have more than a few people in most scenes so I think 60 figures is enough.  There about 24 red, 24 blue, and a few gold figures.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Star Trek Shuttle

This is a Star Trek shuttle craft by Playmates.
I added three passengers.
This toy came out in the 1990s.
I got one when they were new and I picked up another one along the way.
Here a security crewman enters the shuttle.
Door closes and ready for take off.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Star Trek

It has always seemed strange to me that none of the many plastic figure companies that make 1/72nd scale soft plastic figures no one ever made Star Trek figures.
The TV show was popular and despite being cancelled after only three seasons, they did come back with movies, cartoons, other TV shows and video games.
So I recently decided that I would just have to make them myself.
When you look at Star Trek uniforms they basically are a pullover shirt, and pants, jumpsuits, and for women, short skirts and nylons.
All of their gear is very small, most not even as large as a tablet.
This is part of a the bridge section of the Playmates Starship Enterprise playset that was available about 30 years ago.  I added a new long wall with new computer screens and buttons.  It was not my intention to create an exact replica of the Enterprise from The Original Series.  I wanted a reasonable representation of a starship that had reasonable play value.  This is mostly cardboard and more in the nature of a mock up rather than my final version.  My intention is to create a few more rooms of the starship and eventually do them in plastic.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Tanks Versus Bees

The infantry escort the tank as they advance on the bee stronghold.
The infantry have brought a flamethrower but it is saved for the hive.
The sickening squish of the bees under the tank crews was unnerving.
But the troops were glad the tank was with them.
 The bees were unable to penetrate it's thick armor with their stingers.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Bees, Film, Tanks

The bees are climbing buildings.
As the bee attack begins some new bees are leaving their cells.
The queen seems to be directing the hive and their attack.
The film crew indicates this is just a movie, or is it a newsreel crew filming a real attack?
The tanks are here and now the bees will be rolled back.
Even the light tanks can defeat the bees.
Still the bees counterattack.
And swarm a tank.

Friday, January 26, 2024

B As in MayBerry

Worker bee.
Worker bee and hive.
Worker bees build a hive in a small American town.
The population flees!
One man uses a pick to aid others in escaping.
The large bees can still fly!

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Mysterious Island

A mass of bees.
Union troops attack the hive.
One round must be placed exactly in order to kill a bug.
At least the revolver can fire six rounds into the beastie.
The riflemen at least have a bayonet to keep the bugs at bay.
But who can stop a bug with a bayonet.
We are going to need more troops!

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

MI & Bees

The giant bees are from two different sets.
There is a big winged bee, a smaller winged bee that is drying it's wings, and a bee that is emerging from a cell, all from an educational set about bee development.
The smaller yellow and black bees are a rubber toy that were sold individually at a museum.
They work well together, the queen being larger than the other worker bees, and the size of these is perfect.
But the only good bug is a dead bug.
So the Mobile Infantry is deployed.
Service guarantees citizenship.
It made me the man I am today.
Would you like to know more?