Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Japanese vs Americans

With just a few figures you can create all sorts of different scenarios, only switching out a couple things.  Even the same terrain can be used in many cases.

Here US Army troops defend against an attack by Japanese early in World War Two.

It could be on Corregidor in the Philippines, it was chewed up very badly by bombs and artillery.

The American still wear a World War One style uniform and have no heavy weapons.

I walked around in the yard and picked up a few rocks for scenery.

The view of the enemy from friendly lines.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Sometimes even "junk" figures can be useful.

These WWII Japanese figures are clones of the 1/32nd scale Airfix WWII Japanese.

They were a gift from my friend Billy Hill.  He did not want them because they were very heavily covered in flash.  After a lot of work, I brought them into usable condition.

The knee mortar and the prone machine gunner are particularly valuable because Airfix WWII Japanese in 1/72nd scale lacked much in the way of heavy weapons.

Here they are, spread out and moving forward into the attack.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Martians, Robots, and Aliens

Martians employ an alien for surveillance on the planet.

The alien has senses the Martians don't have.

Martians use robots to inspect the planet.

Martian robot confronts a wyvern.

Humans and robot confront an alien!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Aliens vs Humans or Martians

Girl confronts alien!

Response team corners an alien.

Aliens on the run.


Martians confront an alien.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Intergalactic Crime

This is another alien that is so alien it's hard to tell how many legs it has.

A very odd creature, it could pass as sentient or as an animal.

This pig octopus is another four legged creature.  Of course a four legged creature could be sentient.

I think this is a great set of aliens.

Alien with 60mm figure from MPC.  It's a little small, but size is no indication of intelligence.

Wack the wyvern.

Intergalactic police arrests an intergalactic criminal.

Intergalactic SWAT team arrests an Intergalactic criminal located by their Intergalactic police dog.

Friday, October 26, 2018


The Aliens.  This pose is a typical Grey type.

They have a nice backpack and ray gun.  You could consider it a spacesuit and the figures as human.

This figure looks a lot like the Wyvern, a dragon with two limbs.

It is a great alien creature.  The aliens in the set are VERY alien.

This figure could be a sentient alien or some kind of creature.

It's also a rather tall alien, but then how large is an alien supposed to be?

This is a very scary alien.  It could even be a demon!

Each alien only comes in one pose.

A very Cthulhu looking creature.  Might work for that as well as alien.

The Cthulhu one is also kind of like an insect, with carapace. 

A four legged alien, with the wiggly main it reminds me of the Cthulhu one, maybe from the same planet.

I think many of these would work very well as alien wildlife on another planet.  Perhaps as encounters by human spacemen or the Tim Mee Galaxy Laser Team.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Humans and Women

Humans vs Aliens angry female with a rolling pin.

A rather generic outfit and hairstyle that would work for the last 70 years.  I also cut the rolling pin off of one figure and it looks good that way too.

Surprised guy.  This one is noticeably larger than the other figures and is probably about 1/32nd scale. 

I figured maybe he was the adult, but I doubt kids would be wearing the protective suits.

Rosie the Riveter. 

A woman with a pair of fists ready to defend her planet.

A woman in a long dress.

This figure would work for a very long time period in such a simple long dress.

MPC 60mm figures with the Aliens vs Humans set.

These people are a bit small, but my intention is to use them as teenagers or small women.  The guys in the protective suits could be aliens, and I may use them for that.