Saturday, July 24, 2010

CMSC Truck

Many years ago I purchased a number of vehicles by CMSC in HO scale. Two of them were these Brockway cranes. They are identical to the Roco vehicle, except they are resin and white metal.

Two CMSC trucks with a Roco one. The CMSC build just like the Roco, which is not easy in metal. No allowance was made for the change in materials.

The gleaming white metal bumper is very impressive!

An excellent view of the underside of the CMSC. It is just like the Roco.

Hard to see the undercarriage, but you can see the wheels are the same. With all the changes, I am not sure if either the Roco or CMSC version of these trucks are still available. It was an important US Army vehicle for moving pontoon bridge equipment.


Bob G. said...

Those resins look JUST like the old RoCo Z-191 Corbitt Gun Carrier Truck.
Here's a photo of the real one I found:

Nice resin kits, but how well does that white metal take to the resin, and what "flavor" glue are you using?

Bunkermeister said...

I use 5 minute epoxy from Bob Smith Industries, Atascadero, CA.
and Zap-A-Gap from Pacer.

The epoxy is stronger but the Zap is faster and better with little parts.