Monday, May 31, 2021

Main Street

This penny arcade building goes on Main Street.
These buildings go side by side and clip into a sidewalk.
Three are a couple small buildings that get their own sidewalk.
The paint schemes seem a bit loud for Main Street.
I anticipate that I will need to repaint them.
Nice touch with the window bars.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

More Main Street and More

The gateway to Frontierland.  Disneyland named each section of the park after a "land" so Frontierland was the wild west and American westward expansion. 
Back side, obviously needs painting and some work.
Transportation is a big deal at Disneyland, and they have a mighty host of cars, stages, and trains.
Some of these are a bit large for 1/72nd scale and so they will need to be replaced.
More Main Street buildings.  This desperately needs a re-paint!
Another nice Main Street building.
Part of a ride for Dumbo the flying elephant.
Underside, underwhelming.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Disneyland Buildings

These flat pieces form the sidewalks for Main Street, the entrance, and Cinderella Castle.
Sheriff for Frontier Land.
Back in olden times Disneyland sold tickets to ride the rides.  This was the ticket redemption booth for the Dumbo ride.
The set comes with a might host of accessories.
They are vinyl and some are sticky, but more on those later.
The main building in Tomorrow Land.
It goes together well and is pretty cool.  All these buildings are false fronts with no rear.  I plan to make sides, rear, and roofs for them all.

Friday, May 28, 2021

The Happiest Place on the Wargaming Table

I purchased the Marx / Sears Disneyland playset from eBay a while back.
This is the entrance building.
As part of my wargame collection, I build American cities, and Disneyland certainly helps to identify the setting as the USA!
This is a tee pee and an eating spot under an upbrella.
One of the Main Street buildings.  I will likely repaint these as the color palette is nothing like Disneyland.
Candy store, the builds do look very much like the real Disneyland buildings.
They are probably about 28mm or so, but I will use them for 1/72nd scale.  The doors I think are over scale for 1/72nd but the builds are probably about the right size, or maybe even too small.
Corner building.  These clip into a sidewalk piece and make a nice little street.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Shuttle Craft

Another Matchbox self driving vehicle.
The legal stuff.
This one seems to be some kind of sports shuttle.
I think they are good for a large campus, like a college.
Or on city street of the near future.
They may even be operating somewhere now.
This is just like the white and blue one.
Only repainted.
I like them.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Clevers vs Frying Pans

So I was at the store and I noticed they had a new catering truck.
I was not that enthusiastic but I figured I would buy one repainted catering truck.
When I got it home I realized it was not just a repaint, it's very different.  Notice the vending portion is on the other side!
Rear ends are different,
Top is not the same.
Totally different truck.
Now I can wargame the War of the Chefs!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Catering Truck

New Matchbox catering truck.
In Southern California and now all over the USA catering trucks are becoming a big deal.
They have all kinds of specialty food offerings.  They are no longer limited to selling hamburgers at construction sites.
These new Matchbox vehicles are well detailed.
I can't believe how good the paint jobs are.  Blow up the photo and read all the words on the side of the truck!
There is even a bit of a detailed interior.
Look down and see inside.
Look up and see the bottom