Thursday, November 30, 2023

Max Steel and Primer

Hot Wheels Max Steel Turbo Racer.
I am using these as reconnaissance vehicles for my Starship Troopers.
Since the movies did not do power armor, and did not give the Troopers any ground vehicles I think they made a grievous tactical error when fighting the bugs.
So I have slowly been gathering science fiction style vehicles to fix that problem.
As an aside when spray painting I keep a small piece of paper towel handy.  I use the cheapest paper towels I can find that have the perforations for a 1/4 sheet of paper towel.
I use the paper towel to wipe off the nozzle as I am spraying.
I take the Hot Wheels apart so I don't spray paint the "glass" parts.  The base on the end is actually broken the plastic was a bit brittle.
Here is some paint build up on the nozzle.
Deploy the paper towel!
Crisis resolved, nozzle clean again.  It helps prevent build up that can block the nozzle or interfere with the spray cone.
All primered on this side anyway.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

HaT Set 8293 British Infantry (Tropical)

These are First World War British Infantry in the tropical uniform by HaT.
They are all wearing the Wolseley helmet and short pants.
In the first half of the 20th Century US forces in the Philippines wore this helmet.
Normally this set comes in tan plastic but apparently it is now molded in green.
There was no flash and all the troops were molded perfectly.
It is likely that at least a few of these will become US troops in the Philippines and some may also end up as civilian big game hunters or adventurers.
These are WWI troops but I think they would work well enough for British troops as late as he mid 1950s in tropical regions.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Let's Put On A Show

Lights, camera, action!
LOD Enterprises makes these 60mm movie studio figures.
They are resin and cost $25 direct from LOD.
You get a nice little selection of figures in the set.
I got two sets they were so good.
You get one camera, and one cameraman.
Two big studio lights, a man with his hands on his hops who can be used as your lighting technician. 
A standing pointing man, who is the direct, and a woman sitting is a stool, perhaps the script girl or continuity girl.  With two sets, I have one of each.  Some minor trimming around the attachment point for the lights to the stand.  I may glue them to a larger base for better play value, but in a static display they would be fine.  These are perfect for Carl Denham and a King Kong adventure.
Here they are filming a Korean War movie, or a giant bug movie, or a giant bugs appear during the Korean War movie.  Not sure yet.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Korean War Figures by BMC

These guys just look cold.  BMC 60mm Korean War soldiers.
Kneeling firing, in Korea the war was often close up, clearing out trenches so the bayonet was a must for that kind of combat.
Standing and reloading.  In a gunfight you should be moving to cover, firing, or reloading.
All eight poses in combat.
They look really good together I think.
No flash and they fit well with MPC Ring Hands and Tim Mee old time figures.
The new figures are much more animated.
They fit especially well with what I call the Tim Mee M14 guys.  They were armed with M14 rifles and were a chunkier style than the later 54mm M16 armed Tim Mee figures.

The Korean War never really ended and all through the 1960s there were firefights off and on and even the occasional incursion over the DMZ.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

BMC Korea War Winter US Troops

These are 60mm Korean War troops in winter gear.
They look like they just came right out of the movie Retreat, Hell.
 A kneeling reloading guy, an M-1 rifle only has 8 rounds so when fending off a human wave attack of thousands of Chi Coms you likely will have to reload several times!
Man holding a BAR but firing a Colt .45.  I like the Colt .45 but in most cases the BAR may be the better choice.
M1 rifle and full field pack.
When you are done loading your M1 rifle, fix bayonets and be prepared for close quarters combat.
During Korea the US used an upgraded bazooka that was much larger and more powerful than the WWII versions.

If you never saw Retreat, Hell, here is a link.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Commies As Dangerous as Giant Bugs

Advancing, the set come with one of each of these poses.
BMC 60mm Korean War troops.
I seldom do enemy in 60mm but having a few for the rare occasion where I might need enemy is useful.
And these guy are nice and big so they fit will with the American BMC, Lido, Werner, Tim Mee, and Marx figures in that size.
After all the Americans can't fight giant bugs and space aliens all the time.

Friday, November 24, 2023

Reds Attack

Moving and reloading.
A good action pose!
Late in the war much of it was fought in trenches.
So the grenade was very important.
Standing rifleman.
Bayonet is a little droopy but warm water will fix that soon enough.