Tuesday, January 23, 2018


The concept was that several teams would converge on an island in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean.

Each team would be a "national" team, composed of "troops" from the same country.  I intended each player to get a few dozen army men from a single country and convert them to a civilian team.

The team could use any weapons or equipment except, no explosive weapons, no crew served weapons, no flame weapons, no motor vehicles or flying machines.  They would be dropped off at the island and ferry from the ship to shore in whale boats.

A week later they would be picked up the same way.  Their mission was to document the flora and fauna on the island.  Take photos, drawings, samples, specimens for later examination.

The only access was across a reef to a narrow beach at the base of a cliff.  Everything would have to be carried up the cliff.

I got several boxes of supplies to make a supply dump for my team.  I anticipated teams from the UK, Soviet Union, France, perhaps, Italy, Germany and the USA.  My team was from "Hollywood."  The time period was just after World War Two so each group could be composed of combat veterans and have the needed skills to live in the wild and function well in an emergency.

The teams were given a year on paper, to gather supplies, train their teams and coordinate transportation to the South Pacific.

My team transportation and supplies.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Pack Train

A while back I wanted to do some pulp action wargaming.

Everyone said you can't do that in 1/72nd scale.

All the good pulp stuff is in 28mm.

I realized after looking through my collection that that assertion was simply not true.

First off, I wanted a horse and mule and donkey supply train.

My force was going to do an expedition into a lost world.

Not unlike that where King Kong and dinosaurs are found.

Since you gotta carry supplies in a trackless wilderness, I elected for pack animals.

I pulled horses and mules and donkeys from Pegasus, Airfix, Atlantic and others.

Then I painted them up.

Here is the whole train.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Luna Rocketship

Pegasus Hobbies Luna Rocketship.

Comes with a great base.

Moonscape looks good with robots on it.

Like this one.

Or robots fighting each other.

The spaceship is a great model. It fits together very well.  It has large pins that press fit into holes along the sides of the fuselage.  That prevents the small gap that often happens with aircraft fuselages and then requires putting after gluing.  The two body halves on Luna press fit right together.

This  little extension allows the rocket to stand up straight; it's needed because the wings don't form a tripod.

The port hole glass is a big flat piece that pressed into the window space.  Makes gluing very easy and prevents getting glue on the window itself.

It's billed as being 1/144 scale, but I will use it with 1/72nd scale troops.

On the landing area!

This view shows the pins and holes that help hold the fuselage together.  The rocket top is very pointy.  Pegasus has put a tab over the end to keep the point from being bent in shipping and storage.  Remove the tab before gluing the halves together.  Great idea.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


More Robots, with a HaT British Zulu Wars command figure.

The fins on the top of the head make this one look Japanese.

Face mask appears like a South Seas Islander figure.

I might paint some of these as belonging to specific nations, and then use them as a diesel punk type WWII wargame.

Good tank track model with cannon in the chest.

I wonder if the arms could be heated and rotated forward, so they look more like they are grabbing than surrendering?

Tool box, again, like the brick wall, I would rather have gotten another robot.

Still, it works for a supply dump or maintenance station.

Friday, January 19, 2018


Another of the Robots!  This one a sort of robot turtle.  Maybe I will have to put him with Lobster Turtle from Laser Galaxy Team.

Another kneeling one.  It's pretty good otherwise.

I am considering some surgery to make him walk again.

A broken brick wall.  It's a nice broken brick wall, but I would rather had had another robot.

Works well as a small ruin with a Hat 1/72nd scale soldier.

Spiky tricycle robot, looks pretty steampunk to me.

Maybe add a smokestack to the "shoulder" area?

Thursday, January 18, 2018


A couple of the models are actually kneeling down.

I don't really care for that, make them standing or just make them short.  Zvezda Soviet Border Guard in 1/72nd scale.

This one hovers on jets.  He as a bit of an anime look to him, I think.

These would paint up really well.

I like this one, very simple but effective.

He has a very 1950s science fiction movie feel to him.