Thursday, October 31, 2013

War Against Fascism

This woman and child is from a propaganda poster, and would work for many scenarios and many years.

General Zhukov in the victory parade.

Wearing all his medals and riding a white horse.

This woman is another famous Soviet propaganda poster.

She would be useful for many different wars and eras.

Another Soviet propaganda poster.  Good hand to hand combat pose.

I like the action in this pose.

Good movement on the figure and the greatcoat.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

War on Fascism, by Pegasus

The Pegasus War on Fascism set.  Captured German banners.  An alternate for one soldier.

There is a light etching on the flags as a painting guide.

This guy is from the Reichstag!

Russian flag MP from Berlin.

Russian vs German from propaganda poster..

The same pair from the other side.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


It was my birthday recently.

My daughter made me a birthday card.

Pretty good to be able to get personalized hobby related birthday cards.

Looks a bit like my rather crowded wargame table.

Monday, October 28, 2013


This is the Sikorsky R-4B helicopter.

It was the first helicopter used operationally by the US Army in 1944.

Imagine a fleet of these flying over the beaches of Normandy!

This is the MPM kit in low pressure injection molded plastic.  It is a very difficult kit to build.  It costs about $20 each.  I worked on it about 10 years ago, set it aside and only recently completed it.

The kit did not come with a crew, so I had to round up some seated figures to fit inside the cockpit.

I got four of them and will paint them all up as US Army for WWII.  Once built, it's fairly sturdy, but there are few locating holes and other guides to put it together.  The canopy parts are fragile and take a lot of sanding, they are vacuform parts.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Slush Cast Cannon

After three years of purchasing, stripping, repairing, priming, and repainting I am finally getting these slush cast cannons done.

Note the black wheel hub on the cannon on the left.  I tried using plastic axles and flaring the ends to hold on the wheels, but they were too weak.  I had to replace them with metal axles as seen on the green gun.

In the late 1800 US Army guns were black, with gray carriage and red wheels.  Later, they changed to a green carriage.  I painted the breeches bronze and the lettering red.

The green barrel still needs the lettering done.  Guns shown here with a Plastic Soldier Company 1/72nd scale US Army soldier for size.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Esci & Valiant Miniatures

I sometimes mix figures from different companies, because people come in different sizes.  However, the equipment is all the same size.

This is the Valiant Miniatures US Army soldier with the head from the Esci hard plastic figure.  Reminds me of Littlejohn from Combat! the old TV show.

I cut down the length of the M1 rifle barrel. 

I also trimmed down the end of the rifle butt.

That way his helmet and rifle would be the same size as the Esci soldier.

Here he is with a Plastic Soldier Company US Army soldier.  A large corn fed guy from the heartland of America.  Thanks to my friend COL Jim for providing the Valiant Miniatures soldier.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hauneabu II

New from Pegasus Models!

This is the Luna from a 1960's Eastern Bloc sci-fi movie.

This is the Luna in two scales, the little one is the same scale as the Cosmos.

These are some pretty good rockets and being a rather generic shape they will work for a variety of scales.

Hauneabu II from Pegasus hobbies in 1/144th scale.

It's about 8 inches across and should work okay for 1/72nd scale.

You need a bunch of these for those WWWII scenarios. 
Photos from Steve Iverson, CultTVman.Com.  Check them out.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Russian Mortars

Man opening mortar bombs, passing a 120mm mortar bomb and a forward observer on the phone.  I like the phone guy, he can be used for forward observer, fire direction center or at the mortar site itself.

More troops from the Pegasus 1/72nd scale Russian Mortar Set.  More men handling ammo.

The mortars are nicely detailed.  They glue together with regular model glue, just like the troops.

The whole set is flash free.  This couple makes a good forward observer set.

81mm mortar team.

120mm mortar team in action.

I like having all these men for the mortars, it makes for a much more realistic set up.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pegasus Soviet Mortars

Pegasus has released a bunch of WWII Soviet Union soldier sets in 1/72nd scale all at once.

This mortar set provides plenty of heavy firepower for your Communist hordes.

Each set gets two sprues just like this one.

Four 120mm mortars and two 81mm mortars.

The crews have separate arms and some can be used for either mortar, depending on which arm you select.

There are crewmen like the one on the left, actually servicing the mortars and others like the other two, who are doing other work.

The kneeling man has separate feet!