Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pegasus French

A sneak preview for the Pegasus WWI 1/7nd scale French Infantry set. This is a preproduction sprue of these figures. The final color has yet to be determined but will more likely be some kind of olive drab type color. Not unlike the Atlantic WWII French that were out twenty years ago.

This sprue is the Pegasus WWII French Infantry set. The WWII set is also a preproduction set and will probably be in an olive drab type color. As you can see the weapons are without bayonets and are much shorter, the MAS 36 rifle in most cases.
These will be two separate sets but most of the WWI figures will also work for WWII as there was a lot of older kit still in use in 1940. This is particularly true of the reserve and rear echelon troops. This plastic is glueable with CA type glues, and I suspect the same will be true of the production versions. Use a good quality CA glue, I use Zap-A-Gap. Stale glue often will not work on this plastic.
Pegasus is still waiting for the color selection, the box art and production to begin, but the figures are done, that's that hard part and the part that takes the longest. It will still probably be months before these are at your local hobby shop. Larry Pegasus gave these two sprues for me to review, certainly they will reinforce my Vichy French in North Africa or my FFL in French Indochina.
These are excellent figures and I am sure the WWI sets will enter my collection to fight alongside my Imex WWI Doughboys. I will have full photos of these troops in the next few days.


Al said...

Congratulate your friend, and thanks for showing us these Mike; the waiting has been the hard part at this end too.

Karcuss said...

looking good
Will get both sets But maybe more WW2
and again as yourself to add to my Imex. And British
and maybe to make some Black Soldiers
with French officers and Adrain Helmets etc.
And that would be my test of glue with this Medium of Material.
Will possibly be asking for some help
seeing as you are pretty good on the conversion with Hat and Revell etc etc just to name a few. But that is down the path.

Pegasus hard to find in Australia. But eventually get them.

And lastly Bunker more news on any other figures coming up Hienies to go up against, More poses to throw in the WW1 German pool.

Cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Al!

Bunkermeister said...

As far as I know, Pegasus has no other WWI subjects in the pipeline. Since Caesar, Revell and HaT all do Germans for WWI Pegasus was reluctant to do them.