Friday, July 23, 2021

Late Snow

Prone soldier with BAR and bipod.
There are three very similar submachine guns and they all fit the kneeling guy.
These two both have Marx cowboy accessories, a bugle and frying pan.
Late in the day, or dawn?
Moving across the snow with long shadows.
Troops in silhouette.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Snow Troopers

I don't know where this bolt action rifle with scope came from but such rifles were used by the US Army post-war for snipers.
Helmets are a real problem they often split when I try to put them on the heads.
I try to get a belt on every figure, this kind seems to be the easiest to put on the figure.
Running man with carbine and shovel.
The helmets make a good look for these figures.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

MPC Troops Kneeling in the Snow

The troops on the snow.
The carbines work well with the kneeling guys and the M1 does well with the prone figure.
SMG works well with the kneeling guy too. 
Note the kneeling guy in the back, the stock does not always work on the kneeling guy.

Still, not a bad pose with the right weapon.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

MPC in the Snow

MPC figures on the snow.
At this angle it looks very Arctic or Antarctic.
Good in the snow!
Tree line in the distance.
Platoon in the snow.
Three squads in skirmish order, one behind the other, HQ section in the center and support team on the right flank.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Ring Hand Platoon

41 ring hand figures with accessories seems to be a large number of ring hand figures.
They are very good looking figures in my opinion.
I think it is a little like the concept of GI Joe.
Each figure can be different depending on the accessories.
In a pack they are very impressive, I think.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

MPC Ring Hand Platoon

I have managed to put together a platoon of 60mm MPC ring hand WWII figures.
5 men in the headquarters.
And 12 men in each squad.
With three squads.
41 figures total in the platoon.  Each figure has at least two accessories and most have three, and a few have four or five.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Ring Hand WWII Style Troops

This guy is my commander.  Helmet, SMG, pistol, belt, and binoculars.  Five pieces of accessories is a lot!
The commander is the crouching pose.  The running guy is behind him.
Running guy with bugle, it's from the Marx cowboy set.  He has a light machine gun.
These figures came with several different bases that got smaller over time.  This large oval was the original base and the figures stand up the best.
Prone firing guy with bazooka.
Walking pose, with helmet, rifle, belt, and frying pan.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Ring Hand Details


The MPC ring hand WWII style soldiers came in five poses.
Walking, crouching, running, kneeling firing, and prone firing.  I would have liked it if they made a few more poses.  I use these guys mostly for the 1950s, science fiction, adventure set ups.  I often include other figures, MPC ring hands and Tim Mee and other brands with these.
The accessories are from MPC, Marx, and at least one, maybe several other companies.  Most accessories for World War Two are silver and sometimes green.  They do make a few postwar accessories, 1960s submachine guns mostly.
The kepi cap on this figure is an MPC Confederate kepi, it reminds me of the Rat Patrol character who wore one in the TV show.  I like to give a few of them some individual character, it also means one less helmet I have to get!
I try and get some kind of headgear for each figure, and a weapon, plus some other accessory.  The most common other accessory is a belt.  The kneeling firing pose is hard to get a belt onto, and since they have a rifle that takes both hands they sometimes only get two accessories.  Note the walking man is carrying a frying pan.  It is a Marx cowboy accessory.  He's the unit cook.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

MPC Ring Hand Figures

These are MPC ring hand figures, the WWII style.
I have collected these and the little parts for 60 years.
My long term goal is go get a large unit of them.
I would like to have at least three pieces of gear for every figure.
The prone guy has a bazooka, a helmet, and a belt, three parts.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Thank you Paul Sujdak

Paul Sujdak sent me huge envelope filled with various 1/72nd scale military accessories.
Sprue after sprue of obstacles, and telephone poles.
Large and small.
I have been spending some time putting them together.
It was a great haul, thank you Paul Sujdak for the great and useful gift.  More photos later!