Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trucks and Decals

When I apply decals I use Micro Set and Micro Sol. They help the decal to adhere to the surface and soften the decal so it conforms to the surface of the model. Not all model surfaces are smooth and flat so softening the decal is important.

Here are my three Brockway cranes. Two CMSC resin / white metal kits and one Roco plastic kit, in all plastic. To apply decals, first paint the surface to be decalled with a clear gloss. I like to use Tamiya Clear for small areas or Testors spray can Clear. Once the clear is dry, select the decals and cut them out as close as you can to the image with scissors. Soak the image in water. Once it slides away, paint the surface of the model with the Micro Sol. Remove the decal from the water and touch it to a tissue to remove excess water. Then place on the model. Paint over the decal with the Micro Set. I use a paintbrush to maneuver the decal into place.

Once completed the two models were almost indistinguishable, Roco plastic or CMSC metal / resin.

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