Saturday, July 10, 2010

Additional PT Boats

Here you can see the torpedoes with their propeller blades. I also added an additional life raft and moved the original one to the center of the boat.

With a 40mm, 37mm, 20mm, guns and depth charges and torpedoes along with four fifty caliber machine guns, these were heavily armed boats for being only about 70 feet long.

The original .50 caliber machine gun turrets were retained as excellent for both air targets and barge traffic.

Here is a close up of the forward life raft. Rafts were solid, often balsa wood, so they did not have to be inflated and would still work if they were hit by shrapnel.

The older style PT boats and these new ones both served in the Pacific until the end of the war. My long term plan is to make a couple more of the older type, but not anytime soon.

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