Monday, June 28, 2010

Museum Stuff

The old soldier is also an old cop. The V100 Commando was a military armored car that served Los Angeles Police Department for many years. I think they had three of them.

The M151 Jeep in the TOW configuration.

Another view of the TOW version.

This little US Army tankette was in a Bob Hope movie in about 1940.

The M8 M20 series armored cars were a well liked vehicle and served around the world until just recently. I would not be too surprised to find that some were still at work in South America or Asia someplace.


Bob G. said...


That "tankette" looks like an M2.

And that greyhound is very cool.

I also like that Mutt w/ the TOW.

You might want to check out the GWINNETT SHERIFF Dept (GA) to see what can be done with a "flawed" APC like an M 114 - they have some YouTube vids that blew ME away!

Goes to show what can be done when REAL motorhead LEOs are given some $$$ and some military surplus - they make SWAT assault vehicles...BETTER than factory spec!

Bunkermeister said...

The tankette is older than an M2, I will have to look it up.

Anina Tul said...

Nice old jeep and tankette collection. I also have an dodge old jeep and wanted to service and finding a best Jeep service center in Chicago.Can anyone please inform me?

philp said...

eskdoy 10
Went here back in 2007. Great place.

Got more pics here.

Bunkermeister said...

Philp the link works like this, without the # sign.

Great photos.