Sunday, June 20, 2010

Real Jeeps

This is a USMC Mighty Mite. It is a post WWII Jeep type vehicle that the Marines used for a short time. It is smaller than other Jeeps and is kind of cute. No HO models of it that I know of.

The museum had a few different Jeeps. The Roco M38 Jeep is much like this one. Nice star on the hood and note the Tire Pressure information on the fender.

An M151 MUTT jeep. This one was a US Navy SeaBee version.

This M151 was just like the ones we had when I was in the Army. Note the light on the fender is gree while the vehicle is camo. Note also the tires are oversprayed with paint. The average GI does not care much about perfect paint jobs. Spare parts don't always fit the color scheme of the new vehicle.

The covered version of the M151 for use in cold weather, mostly. Roco made one of these, but I think I have more Roco ones than I have seen in my whole life!

Another M38 type Jeep, in very nice condition.


Bob G. said...

Nice collection of "GPs"
Did they have any "mules" there?
(also called mechanical mule)

The MUTTS were great, but with the independent suspension, were prone to rollovers on rough ground (rollbars didn't help with injuries), and were quickly taken out of inventory.

Knew a guy back in Philly that had TWO of them, and he could ONLY drive them on level paved roads...(restrictions)
Lord only knows WHERE he got 'em...heard the military wasn't allowed to sell 'em top "civvies".

Nice museum you have there.

Bunkermeister said...

The M151 series was in use for about 30 years. They would roll in a sharp turn if you went too fast. Department of Transportation would not allow the Army to sell them unless they were destroyed. Usually crushed or cut into four parts.