Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tank Museum

A Sherman tank with a Sherman tank engine.

The other side of the engine.

An M56 Scorpion 90 mm sp atg. Roco never made one, too bad.

An M551 Sheridan peeking around the corner. I love the smooth look of that turret. Roco does not quite capture the look exactly.

A Stuart light tank with a Jeep behind it. It is amazing how large a small light tank really is when you see it close up.


Bob G. said...


This fellow's got as much hardware as Aberdeen Proving Grounds...LOL
(and that's a compliment)

Love the M5 Stuart AND the Sheridan.
I agree with you on the RoCo M-55. They made it a bit "tall". They look a lot lower in person.

If you want to feel small next to a tank, stand next to an M-103 heavy tank!
Hell I feel small next to the STUART...LOL.
(at 5'7", only a JEEP works for me)

Again...great pictures!

Keep those hits coming!

Bunkermeister said...

Glad you enjoy them Bob G. We will be back to models real soon however!