Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guns and Boats

I love seeing real versions of models that I have in HO scale. In some ways this museum is like the Roco Minitanks / Paul Heiser Museum. There are some notable exceptions. This US Army 75mm Mountain Howitzer is one of them. This little gun was used before WWII and until a few years afterwards. It was towed by Jeeps, carried by mules when broken down into bits, and also towed by horses. It could be broken down into small parts and had both rubber tires or wooden spoked wheels.

Take note of the panels that gun is sitting on. It is Marston Matting. Perforated Steel Planking, PSP. It could be linked together to make a muddy field into an airfield in a few hours.

Another item I had to get in 20mm / 1/72nd scale, the LCM. Landing craft to bring tanks to shore for Normandy and other WWII landings.

LVT IV, a tracked landing craft used in Normandy and all over the Pacific. Another one we did not get from Roco.

US AA gun. The US had a wide variety of AA guns be with air superiority we did not use them much.

The US 105 mm howitzer, next to the 75 mm gun. You can see why the 75 is mule portable and the 105 is not. The 105 was in service about 50 years!


Bob G. said...

Holy cow...this museum's got howitzers, too!

This if one guy I would run to in case of a world-wide cataclysm!

I have had the ROCO howitzers for decades, and I agree they missed the boat (pun intended) by NOT making a landing craft.
(along with a LOT of other vehicles they COULD have made...and made darn well).

ANd man, have the current models gotten EX-PEN-SIVE!

Used to get a jeep (M-38) for like $.29!!!
Tanks were more costly - A Pzkw IV was $.69!

I miss those days (and prices).

Bunkermeister said...

It is an impressive collection of American military hardware.

There were many strange gaps in the Roco line, Paul Heiser made up for many of them.

Yes, I remember buying a Roco tank for .49 cents and a box of Airfix troops for the same price as a kid. One tank and one platoon each week with a $1 a week allowance.

The Young Oligarch said...

Nice photo of the LVT IV .

I remember my grandfather telling me about crossing the Rhine on one . We Brits called them Buffaloes , however .

Airfix used to do a kit with a jeep to go in the back , but I always found it disappointing .

Bunkermeister said...

I built a few of those Airfix kits. The Jeep windshield was a clear part, with clear frame.

A million little parts for the suspension.