Sunday, June 27, 2010

Museum Picts

This is a big one! The 155 Long Tom. One of my favorite Roco guns was this huge howitzer. It is one of their most recent additions to the museum.

This WWII artillery served until just recently. They had either an 8 inch or 155 mm gun barrel. I saw one a few years ago being used to test liquid propellant explosive, probably at Yuma testing grounds. Same everything, but the barrel had several more bands around it and the loading was automatic from some mechanism at the breech.

The other end of the inventory, the WWII US Army 37mm ATG. Note the huge 155 barrel over it and how small it is in comparison to the wheels of the large howitzer.

Can you guess what this is? One of the most important guns of WWII that Roco never made. I have to use the Airfix one in 1/76th scale.

The 40mm Bofors guns were used by armies and navies on both sides of WWII! This gun looks like it was in service this morning, it is in perfect shape.

A humble US Navy Jeep, driving out of a landing craft. By switching service you can make some interesting vehicles out of existing kits. Naturally the Jeep was used by the Army, Navy and Marines in WWII. The M113 APC was used by the Army, of course, but also NASA! I have also seen an M60 series tank in US Air Force markings. What did you do in the Air Force? I was a tanker! You don't hear that too often.


Bob G. said...

That 37mm looks like a pea-shooter next tot he Long Tom...ROFL!

And that M-114 APC was always a favorite of mine (smaller target than the old M-113s) which RoCo made both of (and I still have several of them).

That navy jeep also has the 1-pc windscreen, too...interesting.

The USAF did (sort of) "have" tanks in Ton Son Nhut AB in 'Nam...
They were M-24s and were used as security around the perimeter (stationary artillery...go figure), as parts were hard to come by and some were even non-operational.
SO, it wouldn't surprise me that the USAF also had M-60s.

I Admit I didn't think of the BOFORS...always saw them with smaller barrel in the twins and some single units on the RAG (river assault group) craft.

And all this for ONLY $, I'd pay DOUBLE that to see these babaies!

Nice pics (again)!

Bunkermeister said...

It is an excellent value. They had a lot of naval mounts and other stuff that I did not photograph. I just got the best stuff. They also had a back lot too that I did not visit, but it was large and full.