Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bf 109 T

In World War Two the Germans came close to finishing an aircraft carrier. They did get the airplanes that would fly from it, the Messerschmidt Bf 109 T. This is the decal sheet for a model of one.

The aircraft carrier was not finished, but the planes were used in combat. One of the unique features was the arrestor hook, seen here.

The special wing flaps helped the aircraft to land in very short distance, useful for aircraft carriers and useful on unimproved airfields in Russia.

This 1/72nd scale plastic kit was not very good, and I only got two of them. It is a unique enough plane that I wanted a couple for my Luftwaffe. That's right, not the navy. All aircraft used by the German Navy were Luftwaffe planes with pilots and aircraft on loan to the Navy.


Bob G. said...

Interesting that the Germans used an "Emil" and NOT a "Gustav" for this modification.
ANd I noticed the wing tip shape is markedly changed from standard issue 109s.
I like the "speed-brakes", though...
Makes me wonder how they would fare as "dive bombers", as long as they strengthen the wing root.
A good sucessor to the Ju87.
I'd wager it DID affect overall air speed.

Nice kits...interesting type.

Bunkermeister said...

I think it was an E model because it was a pretty early war conversion.