Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Side Wheeler

The Lindberg side wheel steamer project is still in the works. Here I have removed the pilot house and re-arranged the upper works. I cut down the smoke stacks and moved them into position with one fore and one aft, rather than side by side as they are in the kit.

The upper works are badly damaged and have a smooth surface. I am plating them over with a sheet of styrene plastic that has planks scribe in it. I have to cut out the notches for the side wheels. The center of the upper works has a huge hole in it that was previously covered by the uppermost cabins and bits.

I got a couple clamps on the upper parts holding the new upper deck panel in place. This is kind of a long term project. The planning is taking a while and I do intend to arm the vessel. I had to order the weapons from Britannia Miniatures in the UK. It took a couple weeks for them to arrive, pretty fast service from half a world away.


Furt said...

Wow - really like the look of this - awesome.

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Furt! Look out for more installments.