Friday, June 11, 2010

Paddle Wheeler

At the end of WWII the Germans were using anything that would float as a warship. This is the Lindberg kit of a side wheeler steamer, not unlike those used during the ACW. The kit is about 1/120th scale, so part of the conversion involves making is pass for 1/72nd scale.

I blocked in the lower works, I used very thin sheet styrene. I wrapped it around the kit, and glued it down. I had to strengthen the bottom by using some plastic "angle iron" to keep the plastic in place.

Naturally, the ROBT E LEE will have to go, but first I plated over the front part. I was not too worried about it being a scruffy job, the ship will be an old and tired sailor.

I removed a lot of cargo, railings and other bits as part of the conversion. The windows were a bit small, so I raised up the small cabins to make them appear taller.

I left the rear railing in place, while it is very tall on the original, on the 1/72nd scale version it will be about waist height.

Britannia Miniatures makes this WWII German 20 mm anti-aircraft gun. I plan on using at least two of them on this ship. Even an old ship taking refugees back to Germany needed protection against Allied aircraft.

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