Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Clean Army Is Important

Here is one of those items you don't often see in the history books, but it is an essential war fighting device. It is a tactical clothing washer and dryer. In war uniforms get dirty and have to be cleaned, just like in peacetime. These would be found in service & support units and medical units.

The little tube are a late WWII US Army rocket launcher. Just small tubes on a framework.

This is the driveway I always wanted. Click on the photo for a bigger image. M60 and Sherman series tanks.

An M16 series US Army AA gun halftrack. This has a quadruple .50 caliber machine gun turret. These were some of the last halftracks to see service in the US Army.

This is a dummy T72 tank. Not used at the National Training Center, this one was for weapons testing.


Bob G. said...

A "tactical" clothing W/D...LOL

(not to be confused with a dress uniform W/D, I guess!)

And in that tank pic, isn't that a Commando V-1o0 parked down the road?

The halftrack looks to be in perfect conditon, too.

That's one helluva collection this person's got...that's for sure.

(yes, I am envious)

Nice tour.

Bunkermeister said...

The V100 is an ex-LAPD hostage rescue vehicle.

The vehicles are owned by a non-profit museum organization.

Nearly all the vehicles look like they will run and some look almost brand new.