Thursday, June 3, 2010

Heiser Models Shermans

Here is the secret list of Paul Hesier Models Sherman tanks. The prices are tentative. Notice the numbering system has changed to permit the addition of the new tanks.

The 76mm tank gun was used by the US Army once it was realized that the Sherman with the French 75 based gun was outclassed by the German Panzer IVs and Panthers.

The US Army tended to us their tanks in the Infantry Support role and the short barrelled 75s were excellent in that role. They could even fire indirectly, like artillery.

The 76mm gun was a high velocity gun, designed as a tank killer, not as good as the Panther, the Army was behind the cure in fielding new anti-tank guns in tanks for most of WWII.

This 105mm version of the Sherman was made to provide close range artillery support to the tanks. Three per tank battalion was typical, they were very good at destroying bunkers or knocking down houses, or laying smoke. Look for all these models soon at Fidelis Models.

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