Saturday, June 12, 2010

HaT Gat

HaT now makes a British Colonial Gatling Gun. It is 1/72nd scale, soft plastic.

The box contains four sprues, one gun and crew on each sprue. A good value.

There are two kinds of magazines, one is a stick magazine, the other is sort of a barrel.

The man with the little tripod device is a heliograph. They used it to reflect the sun and send Morse code type messages over long distances, only in the daytime, and only in good weather. The soldier with the telescope can be used to read those messages, or to observe for enemies at a distance.

While the model does not take glue well, it fits together just fine. The man who looks like he is riding a horse, fits over the trail of the gun as the firer. Many armies of the late 1800s wore essentially this uniform and used Gatling guns. You could probably find forces not unlike this right up to the first year or so of the Second World War in some parts of the world.


Bob G. said...

What type of plastic is this molded from, and what types of glue have you tried?

Kind of curious.

Bunkermeister said...

It is one of the new soft plastics. Very nice, good detail. The usual CA and model glues don't work. A contact adhesive would be my bet, like GOO.

It does not really need glue.