Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gigant Problems

My Gigant project continues, but it is one crisis after another with this monster aircraft.

Take a model aircraft made for display and try and make it into a wargame piece and all sorts of problems will crop up. The glider is tail heavy. Really tail heavy. Four ounces tail heavy!

The kit is designed to be displayed with a little clear plastic dingus that holds up the tail. Not suitable for wargaming handling, so I had to fix it.

I got a lot of lead weights from my local train shop and put them in the cargo nose. It looked terrible, so I enclosed them inside a styrene "wooden" box. This way it will look like a big crated cargo, a lost Arc perhaps? Just built the plastic sheets around the weights and then added these little strips. It's the strips that "sell" it as a wooden cargo crate.

Looks like good progress on the Gigant. Hinges: done. Nose heavy: problem solved.
Now the nose does not close. I gotta make a latch to keep the nose shut. One thing after another with this model. Stay tuned for further updates as they happen.

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