Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More PHM Pics

Crusader tanks were used by the British in the deserts of North Africa in World War Two.

Their high speed was a terrific asset in the open terrain.

Paul Heiser Models is making this great model in HO scale.

Until the last few years their have been very few HO scale models of British tanks. These models go a long way in making up for that.

Also from PHM is the HF-7, WWII German steel wagon. The upper one with the V shaped tongue is vehicle drawn and the other one is horse drawn. I have seen German halftracks towing two of these behind them. They were an excellent wagon, but heavy. Sometimes they would have the regular four horses augmented by two more. Sometimes they even had dozens of men pulling them. This was a great wagon for Western Europe, with a good road network, but it had a lot of trouble in the mud of Russia.


Bob G. said...

Heiser has some damn fine detailing...rivals ROCO easily.

But, does Heiser have as many "moving parts"?

Bunkermeister said...

No, a PHM Sherman has a rotating turret, but the gun is fixed in elevation. Given that the Roco ones often flop down anyway, I often glue mine anyhow.

Bill Jr will do some Shermans with moving guns, and they will be similar to the PHM ones, but with more detail molded on, rather than as separate parts.