Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Museum

The WWII era US Army ambulance. This is a nice truck!

Another ambulance. You can see the difference between this and the WWII version. The olive drab is a much darker color for the post war vehicle. You can also notice that this is the same basic Jeep pick up truck as we saw yesterday.

This vehicle is the Mechanical Mule. The number one on the concrete plinth is for Bob G. He is my number 1 fan and he requested this little gem. The Mule was used as a cargo and even weapons carrier in the Viet Nam War era. They were an attempt to give the infantry squad some way to carry a large amount of ammunition, food and other supplies in a small package.

This strange vehicle is a USMC cargo carrier from WWII.

It is a unique vehicle but it did not find much service.


Bob G. said...

Thanks for the Mule...helluva odd looking thing...but it worked.

And they even stuck a recoiless rifle on the back of that bugger.



Bunkermeister said...

Well Bob G., you asked for it, you got it!