Friday, June 18, 2010

Tank Museum

Mrs. Bunkermeister and I visited a local museum recently.

It's great to get out and look at real live tanks once in a while.

This American M-47 tank from the late 1950's had big eyes painted on the two rangefinder bulges. Very cute.

An Improved Tow Vehicle, on the hull of the good old M-113. I remember when these were new, and now in a museum.

An M-7 Priest, the US 105 mm field howitzer mounted on a Sherman tank chassis. An important vehicle in WWII. I like seeing these tanks, it's like a large size Roco catalog!


Bob G. said...

Very nice condition for these tanks...
If you ever get a chance to head EAST, you have GOT to stop into the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (Maryland).

On the road into the grounds, they have all these American tanks in the medial strip (chronologic oder), up to and including the M-103 Kennedy tank (never saw servie...too damn heavy).

Inside they have a German railgun from WW2 (Anzio Annie) and a vast selection of WW2 armor from axis powers.

Great way to "waste" a day in the best possible sense.

ANd if you ever get to AUburn, Indiana, they have a WW2 Museum with a load of all kinds of armor and support vehicles.

And I'm sure you've been to CHINO at their air museum there, right?

That's a great place to visit (and a nice drive).
Got to go into the cockpit of the B-17 they had there...wasn't even NOON, and it was HOT in there (it was June).

Lots to see, if you know where to go.

Chuck Wells said...

Oh, yeah! Vintage war vehicles - particularly tanks - are pretty awesome to see (even for an old Airman like myself).

David said...

Mike is this at the Patton Museum? There seems to be a lot more vehicles than when I was there a couple of years ago.

Bunkermeister said...

This military history museum is in El Monte, California, just east of Los Angeles. It is a hidden gem few have ever heard of before.

I have been to Abereen, twice. Great place. The mile of tanks.

The rail gun and the Atomic Cannon were two of my favorites.