Friday, June 25, 2010

Museum Pieces

A couple slightly different M7 105 self propelled guns.

A US 1 1/2 ton truck. Many of them survived the Second World War by not being shipped overseas. They were almost the same size as the deuce and a half, so they stayed home while big brother fought the in the war.

The massive 155 mm SPG on the late war Sherman chassis.

The post war replacement for the M7 series. It was realized after the war that a light tank chassis could carry the 105mm howitzer. Of course, the late war WWII light tanks were much larger than the early war Stuarts.

A couple tired old relics of the Cold War era. While they may be obsolete, they can still be dangerous when properly employed. The larger one is an M53 155 SPG. The other one is a former O-3 MI USAR.


Bob G. said...

That's some more good photos...!

Be interested to know which company built that 1 1/2 ton truck?

That light tank chassis replacemnt for the 105mm is an M-37 (using the M 24 Chaffee hull). They only made a few over 300 of these...that's a rare find!

They used them all the way through Korea as fire support alongside the old M 7s.
And that's a really decent example of the M 53.

This fellow's got a treasure trove of military relics!

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Bob G.

I think the same companies that made 2 1/2 ton trucks made 1 1/2 ton trucks, GMC mostly.

The the M37 is a nice little item.

This is a nice museum and for $5 well worth the price of admission.

Karcuss said...

The M7s are on a Sherman Chassis and on a M3 Lee/Grant so the earlier version and the Middle version.
but this actully happened whilst in Production. Much the smae as the M4A2
has a more M4A3 look in mid production.
The last version in Korea had a corrected fire so it had a better fire arc or trajectory.

Karcuss said...

this a nice series on your Blog
cheers to you Bunker