Sunday, May 30, 2010

PHM Crusader

The British in WWII had slow, heavily armored infantry support tanks.

They also had fast, nimble cruiser tanks, like these Crusader tanks.

These Paul Heiser Models are 1/87th scale resin kits of these tanks. Photos and tank construction by Paul Heiser himself!

They follow the traditions of the horse cavalry of breakthrough and exploitation.

One of the nice things about Paul Heiser Models is that Paul likes to make his models in series, so there is a nice variety of Crusader tanks from him. Check out Fidelis Models for these kits, which will be in full production soon.


Peeler said...

Hi Mike! Nice Blog, and duly followed, look forward to seeing more, particularly the plastics, but it's all good.

Bunkermeister said...

Hello Peeler, good to hear from you. I have lots of good plastic stuff in the pipeline. I hope you will like it.