Saturday, August 1, 2009

Head Transplant

First of all I use the pin vise at the top of the photo to drill a hole into the torso of the styrene plastic figures where the neck is supposed to be. I don't do this for the soft plastic figures on the right. The guys on the right are ACW from Imex. I trimmed off not only the heads but some of the ACW specific gear. I am looking for guys to tend horses and I have a vast number of these Imex fellows, so they are now serving in the Wehrmacht.

The heads have been removed from the Odemars German Officer and a tiny bit of guitar string inserted into the base of the head. About where the spinal column would be located. I use a Ernie Ball Custom Gauge 8 electric or acoustic guitar string. 80 cents plus tax and three feet long. You can transplant a lot of heads with one of these.

As you can see the middle gray figure has been given a new base. His original base was lost to history and I replaced it with a bit of sheet styrene tile from Evergreen Plastics. I love these tiled bits for making straight line cuts. Two tiles across and four tiles long and you can make zillions of nearly identical bases. This size gives a base about the same size as the traditional Airfix rectangular base, same thickness too.

I run the other figures bases along a sanding stick to insure they are flat and smooth. It makes the figures easier to stand up, since I don't generally base my figures more than one per base. Now it is a simple matter to just glue and stick the heads on.

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