Sunday, August 16, 2009

Space Uniforms

Members of the US Army Astro-Ranger program will face new threats with new weapons. The recoil of traditional firearms won't do in a weightless environment.

Communications are always an important aspect of military actions. This hand held radio is designed for long range communications to Army craft in orbit over the Moon.

Due to the nature of operations in space, with helmets and other gear making it difficult to distinguish individuals, each squad will operate in a different color space suit. Here members of the lime green squad confer on equipment choices.

This back pack is designed to carry both communications gear and air for breathing. Military operations on the Moon will be very hazardous.

Here a member of the Gold Squad poses in front of the rocket ship mock up. Before a full size rocket can be constructed, scientists build a mock up of the real ship as a way to determine the feasibility of the project, and insure the proper fit of all the parts. Thousands of pages of blueprints go into making a project of this magnitude and one typographic error and it space craft will not work properly.

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